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Sorry, the game was not finished. Thanks for playing! :)

I love games where you can plan ahead for an attack.

noted, thank you.

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Noted. I also enjoy the art in your game. It's beautiful!

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Thanks, this this sort of feedback make our future work better. I'm glad you enjoyed the game and we'll work on the jumping mechanics. I loved your game btw, I watched it over twitch. Amazing series!

Wow this is really entertaining!

The little story was great. It wan't clear to me what the ghost wanted but it was a funny ending, the dog taking a bath even after refusing to take one was hilarious. Great job. I enjoyed it.

Error when I run it that says: unable to find VL Gothic font

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Just wanna say great game, I loved the music and the art and the whole concept. Well done on the platforming too. I played for few minutes and was confused by the function of the lights at first. Then I found the shadows that get cast. The sound of the glimmer says it should cast a shadow, but for me it didn't. 

so I had to find another way to beat the game without using shadow platforms. The way I did it was by jumping at the edge of each platform and repeatedly pressing the jump button to get the turbo jump. That's how I got to the end with both characters. Great work.

Edit: the shadows work well, I was just lazy to solve the puzzles.

Whew, that was a hard game. Reminds me of get over it but having to switch between limbs was tedious. i wish there was easier controls to switch quickly and intuitively between them.

Hey, I loved your game. It's kind of similar in style to ours -- The Ring Reaper. I tried climbing over the phoenix almost succeeded xD

that was a cool effect where the bodyguards replicated themselves in the last room.

This is the first game that caught my interest. Good premise. 

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Idk, if you readjusted the difficulty or not, but I find it not hard. I got it on the first try. I failed the first try because I thought I had to collect the red projectiles but alas, I was wrong. there was no button to restart or die so I had to reboot the game. Also, the game always reboots when you run it on windows 10 through the winrar.

I also could not stop the music from playing because it's too good. great job!

did you survive?

Great game, no bugs at all for the duration of 10 minutes. I had one issue though, with the alignment of the view at the beginning. The game has to be started from the proper position.

Gameplay: I had fun flying around, the controls are intuitive, and it fealt hovercraft with rockets and turrets. But after a while, i realized you could fly with the right stick. It was a surprise. Flying was great, but it didn't feel challenging, because there is no risk of stalling and collision. Also, it is hard to land without having air or land breaks. It would be nice to have those.

Moreover, I liked the cockpit, it looks really useful, especially the campus in the middle. However, the weapon switcher (i think) on the left side was not doing anything for me.

Graphics: Its very basic, and its hard to tell what the models are referring to sometimes. The large targets look like moving ships, but its hart to tell their distance and size. I imagine its because it's in pre alpha.

Motion sickness, I get that a lot with these games, this one was tough to play for 10 minutes. But because I play VR a lot, i got used to it. It would help to have the cone vision option. that helps a lot.

In summery, no bugs to report except for the view alignment option, flying was fun (breaks needed though), the cockpit was useful, and finally, it would be nice to have a solution to motion sickness.