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This is effin awesome!! One question tho, Can we play this while windowed--? 

:O! That's pretty cool I suppose.

Haven't play this game yet but it seems awesome! Is this like...Ace Attorney?

Alright! I'll make sure to play it when it comes out. Annndddd...You're welcome! :>

Holy crap. This is one of the greatest visual novel I've ever played. The storyline is amazing, and the plot twist is just..Perfect honestly. I love it! This is such a great game. But one question..Are you gonna make another VN? ^^

Looks great! :)

The game is amazing. The artwork is honestly very stunning. I've played Our Little Espace, too! I love the games you make :). I hope all the best for you guys <3.

This game is amazing. I love everything about it!(haruka is my best gurl) I'm wondering tho..when will the full game be released? 

Hi, I have not downloaded this yet but it does look pretty interesting! ^__^

Oh uh sure! Thankies

oofie..thanks for the info dude

wish i had a vr :(

dont lewd the loli :(

This game is amazing. I love the storyline,art,characters,everything. but..will the full game be free? cause im broke ..

will the full game be free? cause i love this game so goddamn much but i'm broke as hecc. i rlly want to continue all the routes qwq.

I love this game so much. the characters make me go uwu. can't wait for the full game!!