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LOL Thank you, your comment made me laugh. Of COURSE I am not telling the creator WHEN to finish, but to let us know when it IS finished. Thanks for the laugh though.

It wasn't specifically ending request, just a thought. What makes it seem like the game will never be finished?  The time he has aalready spent on it and STILL updates! As I said I played to 0.65 update and then I stopped. Why should I re-read the same things over and over just for other updates? It's stupid. I do love the story, but without an ending in sight there is no need to read it until it is finished. (if it ever will be.) Because, as I said, I have forgotten a lot of the story by the time a new update comes along so I have to re-read it. That's why the question.  

I loved Harem Hotel and Sunville, but The Headmaster is a really weird game! It's well, play it and see.

Please, Stawer, will you ever totaly finish this game? I am only asking because, I have been playing this since since 0.65 (my last play through,) and really enjoyed it, but, because of the length of time between updates, (unavoidable, I know,) I had forgotten most of the story and have to go through it all again and I do not have time for that. Not only time, but, also because I have the memory of an apple. It looks like this game is never going to be totally finished, and that is such a shame as I really did enjoy playing it up to 0.65. I think, the last time I played, Yuri was helping me in the fighting club (or something like that.) And that is as far as I got. I understand a probably a lot has happened after that, but all I really wanted was for the MC to marry Yuri and live happily ever after. OK, maybe a bit more than that, but these constant updates make it really hard for me to keep up. Sorry. 

Hello, OK, I admit that I haven't yet played your game, but, after reading the comments I am adverse to at the moment. The thing that is putting me off is more updates. I am really looking for Yuri's that are finished. With all things going on with my life, by the time the updates come out I have forgotten the rest of the story. Like buying half a book. So, yes I am definitely interested in getting this, but ONLY when it is totally finished. I do love me a great Yuri.

OK, just read your story and, mmm, well, I don't want to be too harsh, but, no. I love the concept, and I love Yuri Visual Novels, (in fact, they are 98% the only ones I read,)  but it went through at the speed of a Lamborghini doing 0 to 60mph. The story never really got started, then it was over. I appreciate it was a free game, but, sorry, there are far better ones for me than this. I really did try and enjoy it, but, sorry, no. But, hey, what do I know? Maybe I am missing something, but at 15 minutes, it's just way too short. Thank you anyway.

Hello, yahotzp . I have been playing your game for a while and sadly I have noticed a bug which means I cannot continue. I got to the part of the free week, and gone through the sex session with the shower girl, then I went to se Dr Blaisdo and went through all that, fine, but then it took me too the mission stage, but there are no missions to go on and the train option is not available. Is this because this is the end of the game so far? Thank you.

Man, that  would be the shortest book in the world. "Things you can do with Microsoft Edge."

Does this mean you have stopped updating My New Family? Or has that come to a conclusion anyway?  Thank you Killer7!

I agree with you. I would hate for My New Family to just stop being made without a conclusion, just because he is working on My New Memories. 

If you like this kind of content and do not mind NTR (sex with your own family members,) the try My New Family. It is 2gb in size and has lots of content.

Yes, you have to use a real computer to run this not a toy.

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Hello. I am trying to load my previous saves into 0.21, but I keep getting errors. Is there anyway to fix this please? I am at the part where I have just talked to Grandma. Well, that's as far as I got on 0.14. I have tried my many previous saves, but they all cause errors. Downloaded 0.14 and the game saves load with no issues, so I know they are not corrupted. Thank you .

Thank you! I will download it now.

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Hello. Thanks for the reply. Personally, I would like an auto farm feature, but, only to the bear minimum of getting through the game. I mean, if you are going to do the highest options available, I think it would kill the re-playability of the game. Also, having the Auto Farm option, would also give me hints on how the fruit and vegetables could be placed, but, always in my mind knowing that the options could be changed for a better outcome if you did it yourself. Apart from that an excellent Visual Novel! I am definitely going to play the first one after, which sounds a bit backwards I guess!😁

I am glad you enjoyed the farming mechanic. I didn't have a clue about it. It made no sense to me at all. Oh well.

OK, Update and I am sorry I cannot get into it. I find the farming page where you have to chose the correct plans very difficult to understand.  I don't even eat fruit or vegetables yet alone know how to plant hem and what to plant. It's a shame, because apart from that its very good. And it has taught me that I am SO GLAD I never had kids! There is a nice lot of options and the characters are quite fun, and if you could skip the farming page I would continue playing it, but, no, sorry. That farming page kills it for me.

Hello, I have just started playing and I want to thank you for maybe two strange things that, to me, make a Visual novel a LOT more playable. That is a text box and the the ability to be able to change the text size! I really do not know why some developers turn the off? Because of my aging years, my eyes, sadly are failing (hence the bold text!,) too and there are so many Visual Novels that I cannot play very well because they have no text box and they use white small white text on a light backgrounds with also no ability to make the text larger or add a textbox! I have never understood it. I have played around with Ren'Py myself and I know these features are on by default, so they have to actually program in extra code just to turn these off! So, I was really pleased to see that you kept both those features in your novel! Thank you for that! OK I am going to continue on my new novel Journey!

YES! I am LOVING THIS NOVEL! (so far....) Just got to Chapter 4 so it's still very new , but it's fantastically written though a little bit of a weird storyline.  Looking forward to finishing it (well, up to Chapter 10 for now at least.) Thank you Zargon!

Thank you Zargon.

Hello Zargon. Can you please let me know if you have the other chapter (1-8) in this release, or where I can get the previous levels from. Thank you.

OK, thanks Jestur. No, I am not playing it on Android, just a PC.

Thanks for the reply. I will give it a go.

Hello, altosandherdone. I was just wondering with this new update, can you carry on from previous updates saves, or do you have to start again? Thank you for an awesome game! Especially as it's based in my country of the UK!

Hello. Can someone please let me know if you can use the saves from the older version in this version? Or do you need to start again? Thank you!

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Of the "free" ones, yes, definitely, but Being A DIK is far better. 

Hello! So, I was going to say that I wanted to be able to load my old saves from the game, but, with all the new changes and the fact that it's been a while since I played 0.63, I decided to start again. It may be foolish as I had gotten really far in 0.63 (day 156,) but I can always load in my old saves if necessary. I just hope it isn't! Thanks Stawer.

Hello, and thanks for the reply. Sorry for the delay, but I have been away for a bit (not gone anywhere, just having a change of things to do.) I have read your comment an d I agree with some points, but I don't get where you think PInk Cake is an ass. A lot of peoploe have said this, but I don't understand where they are getting the info from. Maybe it's because I avoid social media like the plague and only play his games, not follow him or anyone else. And, yes, I have played Acting lessons, and I do not agree that that girl was killed off. I have found nothing wrong with death in any game. Death is part of life. I think Pink Cake did a very brave thing by killing off both of those women. Acting Lessons to me was a far better novel than DIK. It was more heart warming and more true to life.  I still loved playing DIK, and I am thoroughly looking forward to Season 2. In fact, there are very few novels I have read which I didn't like. My personal preference is girl with girl and these are my first choice to read, but, sadly, they are very few. Anyway, we all have our differences in what we like and don't like. I do not understand hostility! It's a game, not real life!

OK, sorry, I am as smart as a 2 foot piece of wood. Glad you liked it.

You are very welcome. I have a few more, but, unfortunately no more free ones. Not that I begrudge paying for them of course, but not sure how your budget is. So, did you play "I can't..." I am not sure by your reply. Sorry, English is my second language after gibberish. 

I agree. This is a stunning Visual Novel. Have played it 3 times already in the past 4 months. I got it on  Steam a few months ago and I loved it from about the first 5 minutes. If you like games like this then I can definitely recommend a Visual Novel called, "I Can't Believe The Most Beautiful Girl In Class Is A Lesbian Just Like Me." It's on Itch. That is also an amazing free Visual Novel. Have played that 3 times in the past 3 months, too! It is a bit shorter then First Snow, but no less beautiful.

It is a genre of anime (most commonly found in hentai), with a specific idea at its centre - cheating. It has a (main) story where the protagonist has his/her lover stolen by someone. The sex in an Netorare hentai/NTR hentai will focus more on the couple that is having an affair together, rather than the married or dating couple whose relationship is being violated. Netorare/NTR usually has a female character as the one who is cheating on her husband or boyfriend, but it can also be a male character as well sleeping with other girls. Quite often, Netorare hentai/NTR hentai end in depressed, regretful, and rage-filled characters rather than happy endings.

Hope This Helps!

Thank you. Will try that out.

Can you please tell me which folder to put the patch in the game. It would of been nice to add a tiny readme included with the patch to tell people where to put the patch.  Thank you

It's taking too long for the updates, though I do not want them rushed, pf course, just impatient! I really want to know what happens to Yui and the Main Character. She is definitely the best character in the game. Yes, I know Prim is the MC's real interest, but there is something about Yui. She is an amazing character. I just hope they do not have to fight each other in the tournament. Thanks, Stawer!

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So, this is it. The end of Chapter 5. Well, I will have to say it was totally different from the one I was expecting. I thought we were going to go down the whole Steph espionage thing. But, nope, just a long goodbye really. Mixed feelings about this. On the one hand I loved the emotions and way it was written. I had tears in my eyes over half of the time playing it. On the other hand, it was really just a long goodbye as I said. Nothing much really happened. So we shall see what w e shall see in probably January when 0.16 may be completed. Thanks, though Drifty. The production value of this novel was definitely the BEST I have ever seen including anything that DR Pink Cake has produced so far. Just, maybe not rush the next one and please get a nicer font! I mean I don't mind changing it, but even so.

Thanks, Drifty for the reply. Yes I figured it out but I am re-playing most of Chapter 4 as it has been a long time since I played it and this update being made (well, for me, anyway.)  This is NOT a criticism. I know perfection takes longer than normal.  I had forgotten how professional this game is! Everything about it is really amazing APART from the most boring font I have ever seen in a game! I really hope you do not mind, but I have changed the font to something a lot better and more fitting. I know, ok, but I just couldn't stand the boring font! But apart from that it's a beautiful game. Easily rivals Dr Pink Cake and you have to pay for his novels!

I don't get it. I found he gate in about 1 minute and then it was just endless walking with nothing to do. Seemed pointless to me. Does, Forgotten mean the developer forgot this was supposed to be a game?

I did that it it still did not work for me. The game ran, but when I re-loaded my last game file save it just crashed out back to the beginning.

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Finally chapter 0.15! It's been so long since I last played this VN i almost forgot that I payed it until my saves came flooding back! Thank you Drifty! I really did love this game. Chris was an amazing character! Damn, I can't get 0.15 to run! I run the exe, load my previous file from 0.15 an nothing happens. Please can someone explain to me how to get 0.15 to work from 0.14. thank you! I have completed 0.14 including one of the bonus levels.