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this was so fun and cute !! omg i was NOT ready for that animated bg ahhh!!! and omg the animated transition was so smooth and seamless !!! 

omg the inerdimensional beings being home for the holidays and it being so backed up ; - ; relate 

as always the dialogue makes me laff and i felt very much like i wanted to know more too but the fact that either way i was gonna go home to my friends playing volleyball again :') heartwarming !!! thanks for sharing dude ! 

omg when i tell you i actually teared up!!! as always, the music and art is so pretty and fitting and beautiful and the color palette was also so good, the cool tones but getting slightly brighter and brighter as we go up... speaking of, the vertical ascent was super intuitive and the little dialogue sprites (peak comedy) made me look forward to moving but the art and animation sprites kept me staying in a room longer to appreciate and take my time!! the end where you saw everything tho ; - ; this was so good dude :') 

this is so good!!! the music and the daily headlines were perfect and so was the  color scheme!! the art was also so well done i'm in awe with the gradients and the different rooms and the way lights and shadows are shown! also the sprites that were placed throughout the rooms were very helpful in telling me how to proceed / navigate the game ! 

thank you for creating and sharing this intimate account of your experience in Q! as it was for me, i imagine it struck a chord with a lot of others

this is such a cute game ! i love how polite the ghost it (to those who deserve it!) and how the rooms / apartments are arranged :') v cozy n fun!