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This game was easy.....and not scary at all....I didn't get scared ONCE 🥲

Completely not what I was expected and I'm glad it was a change of pace!

When i say you GONNA GET JUMPSCARED....i mean it

I h-hope this-ss-s ba-by finds....a GREAT babysittttter-r cus i-im Not-t doing T-This ANNYMORE 

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Nice game! Got me only a litttttle bit tbh 🥲

Short and simple I enjoyed it, it actually got me once......or twice.....

It just gets better! This is really well made!

VERY COOL GAME! It did the P.T. loop kind of style really well and the audio cues and sound effect were crisp too! 

my goodness this game is phenomal so far... (up to first class trial)

[ STARTS AT 21:24 ] Yeaaaaa this game is WAY TOO HECTIC, but that's the fun part. Games like this are annoying because they are difficult, scary, but ACTUALLY FUN so I keep playing KNOWING I'm gettin scared!  


[ STARTS 13:20 ] This game definitely had the atmosphere going for it! Fire mechanics really unique!

The spin it took on generic "zombie" scenerios is pretty dope.... but can they be ANY MORE ANNOYING 😭

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N4bA you are WILDING BRU... I can't really say I'm surprised considering your other works, but this game is fire!! Can't wait for the full game (even tho I might be hesitant to play it 😭)

As much as I hate to say it.... I did get scared..... a coupleee times..... 

But good game, being in there really felt like claustrophobia 

THIS GAME GOT IT!! Fire Music and Ambience, No forced Scares, and its a true story on top of that! fireeeeee job 🔥🔥🔥

This game has changed me......and my standards have skyrocketed because of this so thanks.......


Atmosphere was pretty good, but more scares would be cool for sureee. Andddd the ending was really lack luster to be honest, I'd be way more scared if I personally was running away from the monster instead of a cutscene. Good Graphics Tho!!

I never played the original only watched so had some problems with the controls but this was REALLY GOOD! Almost indentical but had its own minigames and what not.