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Yung Hashbrown

A member registered Mar 25, 2020

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Had to write a review for Stereotypes by Blur, good fucking game.

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Super strange but that makes it very interesting. I really like the characters, too. Took me about 22 minutes to finish it but felt way longer. Overall cool idea!

This is SO cool! It gives me some type of strange RPG horror vibes and has an awesome classic look, i found myself very immersed in the story quite quick. Overall fascinating and fun, if that can apply.

Yeah, same. My computer would barely open the main menu.

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The climbing system was quite fun to use, really atmospheric, and the size of all the ancient seeming structures really hit the idea of a giant eldritch god home! Would love to see you expand upon this in the future!

Great job building suspense, i was ready and terrified each time i opened a door. Interested to see the new cases :)

Super cool Petscop-esque style, Took me a while to beat the game because my dumb ass was reading the map upside down, but i eventually finished the game, and loved the atmosphere. The music pairs super well with the areas, and the art style is very cutesy which contributes to the whole childlike spook aesthetic. The "moon" area was a bit large in my opinion. Nevertheless, Sick checkered floors and interesting colours, Excited to see more!

This is sick and super fun! The best part is that literally anyone can make something cool! good stuff.

So i may have found a couple bugs? idk, but im on the mac version. when the vampire showed up, the weapons stopped working until i died, and theres a fountain near the yellow giants foot that i cant access anymore. Idk if this is the place to tell you but i just wanted to let you know.

Ok great, really enjoying the game btw dude!

I just wanted to know whether or not V 0.0.3 is available for Mac yet, cause I'm not able to download it.