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1) Who's your favorite character so far and why?

Kazuo. His inner thoughts are quite amusing. My favorite scene is his interview with Daisuke.

2) How's the pacing and writing?

I liked the writing overall. The scenes never felt too prolonged. However the demo ended very abruptly. I think a short scene with bodyguards reacting to their hiring would be a much more satisfying conclusion.

3) What aspects of the game do you like?

The art(both CG and sprites) look great.

4)  How is the UI?  What did you like about it? What did you not like about it?

I liked that there's already a working gallery button! I played in a windowed mode and the texy box covered almost half of the screen. Maybe make it longer instead? The rest of the UI was fine.

5)  How is the hook for the story? Did it made you play until the end? If it didn’t, what made you stop?

Played trough the end, hired both Daisuke and Kou. The premise is my favorite thing about the game!

6) How is the music for the demo so far? Does it match the vibe of the game? Is it distracting?

The music was vedry fitting for the setting. I actually stopped and listened to it. I noticed clear end and start of each track though, it's better to have a less noticable loop.

7) What other improvements can we make to enhance your experience?

No clear ideas here, but I wonder if you'll release an extended demo featuring the last LI?

I also have a question: are you planning to make full game free or commercial?

Hello, this game looks very nice and I'm interested in buying it but sadly can't access my Paypal account. Can you add an option "pay with card', please?

Hello, the sign up on your site doesn't seem to work.

The game is constantly freezing after choices. I reinstalled it miltiple times and extracted it to different folders, but nothin seems to work.

Nice twist on Ciderella story, for sure! Looking forward to playing the whole game once it's out :)

- Did you enjoy it overall?

The overall aesthetic of the game, the fairy tale vibe is  definitely there.

- Who was your favorite character?

Bazyl, I have a soft spot for the loyal knights. I wonder what kind of development would he get later in his route.

- Which was your favorite route?

Bazyl, because I enjoy his and Idris's interactions.

- Anything I could improve on for my next game?

Hard to say for now, but more music variety is always welcome.

- Anything else you want to tell me?

Good luck with this game and your future projects!

How very unfortunate. Games with self inserts are destined to age like milk

I already completed the survey, but I can't stress this enough: find better background images, especially if you want to put this game on Kickstarter. Those pictures are very low quality and commonly used in cheap mobile games. Not a good look at all

Cool! I'm very excited to play the full game!

I hope this project is still alive