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I love grocery store horrors

I love it! ¡Me encanta!

Overall I thought it was fun and I enjoyed it

Thank you for the game! 💗

That's very cool! I'm glad 😁💗

Thank you! 💗 I connect my controller to steam and map the buttons to be pc controls. I have always struggled with mouse and keyboard gaming(not that point and click is a struggle 😂) so it just feels better for me to play games using my familiar controller, and gives me access to play the games I want to with ease 🎮

Really nice atmosphere, puzzles on point, fun to play! Thank you for your game 💗

Really nice atmosphere, built up the ending well! Thank you for your game 💗

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Really weird, I like it!

VERY impressed it was made in a day.

I named him Gary 

Thank you!

I'm bad at walking but it was a pretty game 🏃😊

I loved the humor🐍

Thank you for reaching out to me! I hope I was able to bring your game to a wider audience, here's my gameplay/review ❤️:

Marvelous! I love the premise of the game, it's very clever and the song at the end talking about what happened to the moon is so fun. I do wish I could have seen the stranger that was trying to break in but other than that it's amazing and I can't wait for it to be fully released! I need to know where their Mom went!

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It's amazing! It's SUCH a good concept for a horror game & it's done so well! I had trouble finding things a little bit but other than that I enjoyed it a lot! Please consider doing full controller support.

Short but fun, thank you! I loved the look of it and I liked that his scream sounded like a dial up noise!

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It's beautiful and ominous and it has really cool spooks! Definitely feels like an alien invasion and it reminds me of P.T. but better!

It's SO GOOD! I need this game in my life, it's definitely got silent hill vibes but it's so fun and clever. I love that we're just an old man with Loreal hair mechanics!

Thanks for another cool game! Can't wait to see the last game of this series. 

It's a fun little horror game, the last monster looks pretty good!

Thank you 😂

I finished Chapter 1! Thanks. *I would love to be put into this game somehow just if you wanted to* 😊

I literally guessed every single person before guessing the right one! 😂 Thanks for the fun game.

Awesome thanks, I'll have to play it!

I wasn't able to, my game was a bit glitchy and I couldn't progress to the end, I didn't even know there was a demo end.

Hey! I thought it was really pretty but it's a little broken, at least for me. Thanks. Also the thumbnail & title is just clickbait, I actually ask people to support your game & also link to it in the description!

It was a lot of fun! The talking reminded me of Katamari, it has a great retro vibe and the world is super interesting to look at. It took a while for the message to click in my brain but it's a really cool way to bring awareness to how our pollution is mistreating fish and ultimately killing ourselves.

Hello, the game is not working. Would love to play it, thanks

It was a really cool short horror game, I enjoyed the premise and tried to do a different voice for all the characters!

Glad to hear it! I'll be following to see the day it comes out and will most definitely play it 😁🐇🐰

It was a holly jolly spooky gift shopping 🎁🎄🎀

I'd love to be on a screen in your next game if you feel like it 🧡💗💜💛🖤💙💚❤👁👄👁

Really fun short horror game 😁 I love the idea of grocery store horrors!