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Is this the  sequel to the vine when that robot was trying to open the door but the human kept closing it? Lol jk

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Same. It was on the side of the dresser. I like the game and I wouldnt of had a chance to clean it cause the timer is too fast Edit: I finally beat it. Once you clean everything drain the sink and dont wash your rag. The police do not notice it

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I literally gave up with this game. I like it, but i tried like 5 times and i did it but there was a spot i NEVER saw before. It was not really fair because it was kinda hidden. And i wouldnt even have time to clean it otherwise. Edit: I FINALLY beat it.  I didnt think you didnt need to clean the rest of the rag off.

That kinda happend to me it wouldnt let me press install but i waited like 2 or 1 day(s) and it worked

This is the best game ever I never watched anyone play this and i knew what was gonna happen at the end! 

I'm talking about the pipe on the right side of the screen when you first start

Lol I'm such a scaredy cat i cant play this cause i have nobody to play it with and its scary lol but i love the game!

how do i get passed the pipes in the first part i tried pressing x and stuff but it wouldnt let me by

I cant get passed the tnt part i found dinamite but it wont let me do anything at all. Can someone help me?

I love this game. I started crying when she started talking, At the end i cried. Emotions emotions. I was Happy, Sad, Satysfied,Nervous,Afraid Ect. This game was beautiful

nevermind i got it 


I cant get passed the "It needs a fuse" part i cant find it it wont let me do anything except pick up the shovel

i literally scared myself badly by picking up the snowmans head and said This is what you get snowman for brREA AA loudly luckily my parents didnt hear oml xd

im playing this on computer lol but im sure it will scare my cousin she jumps from anything

i downloaded this without reading anything thinking this is the actual birthday bash  i literally played the whole game then noticed it was by someone else lol still good game