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When i  click a painting or something it doesnt let me go back

i dont really like these type of horror games, but this one is actually really good and scary!

i did then nothing happened i checked my files and nothing appeared

how do i add it to my computer? i never done this before sorry

the game was very intresting, but i dont like how long you had to wait for something else to happen but other than that it was very good!

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it said my name

i know how i guess but you really had to do that to me huh

scared the trees out of me :T

so we back in the mine

Aw man i really wanna play it but i cant buy it


I tried to install it but I cant figure out how to


i accidentally killed sara i ment to save her -.-

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I literally gave up with this game. I like it, but i tried like 5 times and i did it but there was a spot i NEVER saw before. It was not really fair because it was kinda hidden. And i wouldnt even have time to clean it otherwise. Edit: I FINALLY beat it.  I didnt think you didnt need to clean the rest of the rag off.

That kinda happend to me it wouldnt let me press install but i waited like 2 or 1 day(s) and it worked

This is the best game ever I never watched anyone play this and i knew what was gonna happen at the end! 

I'm talking about the pipe on the right side of the screen when you first start

Lol I'm such a scaredy cat i cant play this cause i have nobody to play it with and its scary lol but i love the game!

how do i get passed the pipes in the first part i tried pressing x and stuff but it wouldnt let me by

I cant get passed the tnt part i found dinamite but it wont let me do anything at all. Can someone help me?

I love this game. I started crying when she started talking, At the end i cried. Emotions emotions. I was Happy, Sad, Satysfied,Nervous,Afraid Ect. This game was beautiful

nevermind i got it 


I cant get passed the "It needs a fuse" part i cant find it it wont let me do anything except pick up the shovel

i literally scared myself badly by picking up the snowmans head and said This is what you get snowman for brREA AA loudly luckily my parents didnt hear oml xd

i downloaded this without reading anything thinking this is the actual birthday bash  i literally played the whole game then noticed it was by someone else lol still good game