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Wow that was just wow I really liked the story your writing the atmosphere the characters everything I'm so excited for the next chapter 鉂わ笍

I've been waiting for this game I feel bad that it took you long to make the game and I finished it in one night 馃槄 anyways I really liked it and the ending when Samael killed the Priest and was wondring why he's not answering was so sick omg 馃槀 

You can't just end it here 馃槶 I really liked this story and the voice is hilarious 馃槀

Noooo why all the games I like are in development 馃挃 I really like this one keep going I'm waiting for the new chapters!

Another gem?! I'm so excited for this game it really has potential! I can't wait for the next chapter

I liked it this's just my style creepy 馃槀 but it was too short sadly I wished it was a little bit longer 馃挃

It was so funny picking the wrong answers 馃槀

I liked it kinda creepy but is it done?

That was sooo cuttte why the games i like are so short 馃槶馃槶

That was so cute I wanted to keep him 馃槀鉂 I wish it was longer

That was so good i really liked all the characters , I'm waiting for the next chapters!

I like the ui alot it's so elegant just wow and the story has potential keep going!

Oh I like it! I see it has potential and I'm so excited for your next update. 

It was so cute and I liked the art a lot  鉂わ笍

I'm so excited about this game it has potential

I can't get the last two endings 馃槶

Aww this is so cute 鉂 I liked all of the endings too , the bonus CG is so beautiful I wish you will make a game with this kind of art , I liked the cute one too 馃槀鉂

at first I got all the bad endings before reading the guide 馃槀 and I really was so happy when I read it and got to see their faces I was grining like an idiot 馃槀 anyway I really liked all of them like literally all of them I just wanted it to be longer than that and everyone of them to get their long route it's so good comedy sweet and creepy too and that creepy guy momo something his route was kinda scary but really why games like this can't be a little longer?

wow Idk but I liked it the sounds the knocks on the door the suspense it's simple but makes you think what's happening outside and this weird grandpa something creepy is going on anyway it was such a good mini game

I was about to download it when I see that the demo was released in 2016 so obviously it was dropped unforttunately the art seems so fine 馃槬

I liked it the art is beatiful and all the characters are interesting .. I like Dai the most tho .. Let's put it in my waiting list 馃槀

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it was just wow .. the begining was so depressing but I can understand those feelings really well you just did a great job describing it with the alarm sound and the black screen .. as for the story it was so good and all the characters are interesting and harsh except Yohan and Cris , the doctor too 馃槀 Eliot i think this was his name? he was kinda like me I was like yeah I understand you man but I'm not really that rude believe me 馃槀...  and I really liked the music when we were in the other dimension 馃挅

I'm waiting for the full game

that was amazing i don't know what to say this is so promising i really liked the animation in the fight scenes , that superhero woman too was just wow , the demo was so good but the full game will be released in october 2021 ughhh will i be there to play it? i know you're doing your best obviously it's perfect i'm really looking forward it

Oh oooooh this is so cute 馃槀鉂 , but wow I think this is deep like the MC is going to die and this is the way to the afterlife when they said to their friend he doesn't have to go with them it's like saying you go and live your life and in the end we will meet again , they didn't confess to each other but their feelings towards each other are obvious 

Anyway that was so sweet 鉂

No no no don't tell you're not going to continue this story 馃槶馃槶 I Absolutely liked the Demo so much it's so promising , I also liked the character panel , Zed is so cute and adorable I loved them , the other characters too , I feel like it's gonna be a really good story so don't drop it okay? 馃挃

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Oooh this is so good I didn't expect that 馃槀馃槀 the story is so much interesting and the characters I really liked Ezra he's so cute and supportive I wish I had a friend like him 馃挃 his friendship with the MC is so sweet they're supporting understanding be always with each other , Oliver too is so cute in his on way 馃槀 and by the way the MC (us 馃槀) is so hilarious 馃槀鉂

I'm waiting for the update here 鉂

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This is soooo good I really liked it so much , I spent like 2 nights to finish these 4 chapters with the different choices , I'm really waiting for the updates and the routes 

Your writing is gorgeous by the way 鉂 the story is quite good and I liked the characters especially Azad 鉂 

I did enjoy it 馃槀馃槀

I wish it was a little longer I guess it has potential you know a story between an incomplete character in a game and a player who has found the game by chance 

Anyway it was good 鉂