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omg this is a great surprise! I was hoping for the game to be finished one day and although we're not there (-yet!), this update was amazing! thank you for your hard work and I hope you'll stay safe ^^

this is such a great idea! your desktop things are really fun, and I like that there are a lot more notes (like stranger pen-pals) that keep things interesting. unfortunately I can't play the game because I have a mac, but I hope others will enjoy it!!

I can no longer feel any emotion aside from hunger

someone just happened to recommend this on Reddit and clicking the link was the best decision that my lineage ever made.

omg this game is cute and scary.


I am so freaking proud of you omg what a journey TTTTT thank you so much for your dedication and look at what a beautiful game you made <3 I'll definetly remember Dark Nights for the rest of my life

Hello, do you have a rough idea of how many chapters there will be when it's completed? I don't like to start visual novels unless they're finished, because I tend to obsess over cliffhangers ;;; The game looks AMAZING and even now, it's so difficult for me to restraint myself from playing. Thank you!

OMG I CAN'T WAIT I'm so happy for you to be able to finish this huge, tremendous project <33 Good luck and hope you and the team will get rest!!

what percentage is this game's focus on romance between the heroine and other characters? like 50%? less, more? I love the mystery aspect of it and the colours are so vibrant and pretty :))

omg good luck!!!

Yea, I'm interested in it too... The game is very nice, but idk how many total chapters there are.

OMG yes I didn't know you were gonna make it on itch :))) Pinlin good luck!

is this going to be finished? it is amazing!! good luck with the team ^^

lol this game is great

looking forward to eng!