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Thank you so much for your kind words. It has been a pretty tricky time for sure but thankfully I have been able to pull myself together for the most part. Production for the next update has resumed and I hope to get an update out next month sometime.

Thank you so much. It has been a wild ride for this year already but I definitely want to keep things on the right track and just try to move on as seamless as possible. Minor delays at best but I will come back stronger and ready to keep creating the story I wish for Intertwined to be.

I feel that. I’m the opposite though, I cannot live without a pet. I have had so many in my life and just always need one by my side.

Yeah there's a few traces spread out through Chapter 3. They are mostly for lore dumps but a few can have accompanying devotion points. Later on, I plan to make another page in the Star-Chart to track the traces, just have not gotten to it yet. There are no traces in the new update since you can't have a trace in a world created by magic.

No problem!

This would be the trace in the basement just before you enter the room with all the debris. During this trace there’s choices to continue on or to hold back. You need to hold back once you reach the door. This trace only can be activated when the corruption says to trace. Very small window to do it.

Haha I got so many people just laughing at that joke. I'm trying to add more lighthearted jokes since I do enjoy the bad joke occasionally. 

Your welcome! Hope you are enjoying it so far!

Awesome. No problem.

Which riddle are you stuck on? Im planning to add a way to help with these in a future update but for now I can assist with whichever.

It makes us very happy that your enjoying Intertwined so much and we always will strive to dish out the best quality updates that we can! 

We hope you will enjoy the upcoming update as much as the previous ones!

Not yet. It’s something I’m planning to do but not right this moment.

your welcome! Hope they have been working well!

Yeahhh his character personality is he does not mind the horny but dating is something hes very against for story reasons you will learn later.

Your welcome.

Oh this devotion point is a pain in the butt to get because Yukine is the hardest character to actually get with. 
Its during your talk with Yukine after the team leaves the mall. You need to select the following:

How are you able to keep calm in these situations?

Is that why you're so.... emotionless?

Here I thought you were almost naked to show off."
After that point choose the option about sheaths and go from there it's pretty self-explanatory. Yukine's route is designed to be hard as you will learn later on while playing.

Your welcome.

Well first and foremost you need to make sure that you have NSFW turned on. Make sure the text in the options is lit up. If it is not, the devotion system does not work properly. 
2nd. The hint is you think Yukine looks fine as he is. You will understand what that means if you decide to talk with Yukine.

Intertwined has a bunch of hidden paths that don't trigger unless certain events are completed. You may have spoken to him in the dorm, but if the triggers were not met it would not trigger the specific branch to get his devotion point. 

For the fate devotion point you need to already have obtained the point prior in the prologue which will trigger the scene. Afterwards you have to confront him and then ask about the future.

Im glad your enjoying the game! Yes, there actually is some already. One notable scene is within Yukine's side story. The game is a slow burn due to the nature of the story but there will be nsfw.

Oh I never rush because I rather take some extra time than release something thats just a mess lol. Nonetheless I hope that the future updates continue to be what you love to read for Intertwined!

Haha I am very glad you found the devotion point. I know the one your talking about and its one of the more tedious ones to get. Yukine is the trickiest character to get with hence why his points are a bit annoying. 

I am so glad your enjoying the game! I am in the midst of working on the next update but it should not take long cause I don't need to do major coding like I had to for the Star-Chart so soon!

That is very true haha! If you aren't careful they will peck you!

I’m very glad you’re enjoying it so far! Even more crazy shenanigans to come.

haha it’s a running joke between myself and my proofreader so we just rolled with it.

You mean the text is hard to read? I know I had trouble with the old one so 1.09 introduced a new textbox with some letter shadowing. I can look again to see what else I can try to edit to help.

Nah your fine. That question was difficult so I understand it might be hard to figure out.

Keep marching on are the words in question. That question was designed to actually be really hard so thats why its a tricky one to get right.

So this refers to his past. The scene that showed him as a kid. There should be three words that are mentioned a couple times in the VN.

That was the goal of this story to reflect real life closely minus the magic of course haha. Glad your enjoying it!

Haha I am glad that your enjoying it and don't worry a new update is coming soon!

Thats good!

Hi, I would say its going well.

I did get that sorry if I haven’t said much. Work has been brutal.

Yeah sure. Yukine_Alterma is my discord handle. Just send me a message that you are from here so I dont think its just a random spammer messaging me lol

If its the riddle for the gateway than no. That riddle answer isn't time it is loneliness.

Your welcome. I am glad to respond to anyone who enjoys my game and wants to make comments regarding it. I will continue to press on with the updates and hopefully be able to knock them out quicker as the code for the game is updated in the next update or two. I will try to keep everyone in the loop going forward.

Oh boy mine is a giant mess. I need to clean up the code a lot before I even let someone look at it because its hard to understand right now.

I know that feeling. I work my best in the evening when my mind is more focused and not racing around because of work and junk. 
As for the code, I have that down pat I was just being super lazy when I first did it and should have been cleaner about it especially since Intertwined has TONS of back-end code for various items with more to come!
As for the story, I could always use an extra pair of eyes for feedback and what not. I am currently working some some re-writes to the prologue and tweaks to a bunch of the writing so I definitely would love some feedback once that is all ready!

Same here. I do need to keep focus pretty consistently or before I know it several hours have passed by and I have done 0 work.