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I see! Lol!

Onions? lol

That may be able to work. The time period is 2020 so wireless headsets do exist.

I cannot argue there. The larger bulges were pretty comical, but since the story is super serious I did want to bring the characters more in line with that idea. As for the headphones, I do plan to put them back I just need to figure out a good look for them.

I do have plans to return the headphones. I just need to figure out the right look for them. Everything is layered now so I can swap out accessories and clothing easier.

well I am glad that the new look is liked! Maybe I can bring the larger looks back later for something haha.

hehe true also they have sheathes so that’s why there’s a bit of something jutting out.

The characters are all roughly around 6ft tall. Iliff is slightly shorter than the others. I may have to adjust some sprites to reflect this.

I did see that and it makes sense! A lot of the stuff listed that we have not seen yet will come just needs a bit more time as to not rush things.

if it’s white it’s toggled to NSFW mode.

haha I had to double take and read this over again to grasp a few parts but yeah the re-write is to allow more story to fit without falling off in some places. The beginning of the old one was pretty good but I feel all will come to a good point once the next update is out.

Im glad you do!

Ahahaha he does need a performance. I will make sure of this >:3

Things are falling into place! I have much and more prepared! Stay tuned hehe!

Could be any of them hehe!

This bug happens sometimes. You need to start a new game. Not sure what causes this.

yeah the 1.0 and beyond builds I rebuilt the game from the ground up cause I didn’t like how I rushed certain parts lol.

Im glad your enjoying it! I hope to put out more content soon and more NSFW stuff as well if thats being well received.

Not to much yet. There’s still a ton more to come regarding all aspects of the story!

hehe always!

Nahhhh clothes are optional!

I mean it definitely sounds hilarious but who knows what might happen when magic is involved haha

it originally was a style choice but I have been thinking about making it a story item that could be pretty interesting. Not quite sure yet.

Yeaaa that theme will be a normalcy through the game. Love the look of them lol!

haha yes!!

Thank you! I am glad everyone is enjoying it!

Oh yes, it is definitely still alive. I have just had a ton of stuff going on in May that caused a huge delay and I do apologize for that.

Yes, android is on my radar. I have just been having a little trouble with it.

The riddle answer is time. I will make sure to make that more apparent in the future if I do that type of thing again.

Hehe and it will be glorious!

Time and Space will be touched upon a lot. I promise C:

The game is actually going through some major re-writes. The 1.0 update that exists is the rewrite to Day 1. These re-writes are to pull all the characters more in line and actually get some missed plot-points into the game. 

Thank you! This is definitely the direction we have been aiming for!

You're welcome! Hope to continue doing better work for the future!

Originally the Ongaku sprite had an error with the large thighs, but everyone thought it was kinda funny and also thought that it would add diversity to the characters since they are all canines. As for the MCs name, in the story that is the name of the character and we felt that providing the actual character name would help hook readers to understand his character as who he is rather than if a name was given by the reader. Hope that all makes sense lol.

Thank you!

Will do!

Yeah hehe sorry it took longer than I wished for it to.

I have not made one yet. I do plan to sometime in the future once I get things finalized with this new update.

Towards the end I may add simple shading but probably not the crazy amount I did before just for simplicity sake.