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I think this game needs a Lil bit fixing😅 the text is always out of place I usually click on the log to see what the characters are saying and for some reason when I getting the good ending  their is an error I don't get that error with the bad endings tho. I am on Rumpels route and I have done both good and bad ending and still he doesn't appear on the the start menu and the achievement of good ending I havent got it and fritz and waltz routes are not unlocked. I didn't have this problem with karma's route even when that error appeared karma pic was on the start menu and I got both achievements . I hope when I play Rod route I will unlock fritz and waltz but it would be nice if you guys could fix this cuz I love this game the art the music and the plot the stories are truly beautiful and I really want to play waltz and fritz routes😍❤️ thank you for your time.