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Oh, I see.

By the way.. how many other things are comming as well? I'm sorry if you've already posted that information somewhere but I just missed it 

How to get s superman costume for Shuu?

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It's not what I meant. 

I mean, I called this dog(shiba inu) as "Shiba", and when Haato called Shiba and said that he adopted a dog AND gave it his name, Shiba was surprised and blushed . Too much Shiba :D

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Ho-ho-ho, I played a Shiba route and when I adopted a dog that has a Shiba inu breed and named it "Shiba" , there was a secret(?) dialogue when Haato called him to tell about his new pet. :D

Keep it up!

How do I make my boi invite me on dates?

Why do I need the picture from the redhair girl in the book store?

I guess it happens when you (or he) confess(es). Until this moment you're just like friends

What's the deal with condoms in the Love Hotel? 

What is the real difference between confess and to be confessed? I mean does it affect any future choices or events?

By the way, how do I get a bad ending? What do I have to do? :D

Meyaoi Games, thank you so much! I've been waiting for this day for a LOOONG time. I bought this game just right away! I did even make a credit card to pay for it since I live in Russia and it's my only option to do. Thank you!

One more question. There will be more updates, right? How will I know about them?

I see. Thank you for the explanation!

This demo is so terrific! I enjoyed that so much and I'm surely gonna buy. But what if I'm not a patron? I'm a newbie here. Will I get less when it's officially released? I mean I saw that people who are patrons will get some additional things and I feel a bit irritated because it seems unfair for me.. a bit. I worry about it.