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this game damn near killed me lol. I enjoyed this so much and I think the concept was super cool

bro this game was actually pretty interesting and it had some great jump scares. I was a little lost but im probably just stupid lol 

god damn andy lmfao. you broke me 

im still terrified of this game. It was scary asf lol

This game caught me off guard a few times and i almost lost my soul lol. Great game keep it up 

This game hit me with like 10 jumpscares instantly lol. Great game max horror is goated on

bro this game is actually hilarious and terrifying asf. It kind of reminds me of the Micheal Jackson horror hame

this game is horrifying in so many ways. I cant wait for the full game

bro this game had me scared and confused lmfao. But it was actually a pretty solid game

This game is fire. I was just a little nervous lmfao but i did enjoy. Keep it up 

This game is literally the scariest game ive played lol. Emika is goated first locked up and then this? Fire

This game had me on edge the whole time. I enjoyed it

Bro this game is wild lol. I actually really stupid and took forever to realize what the controls were (dont ask how lmfao). Anyway i really enjoyed this game and id love to see more

this game got me lol. Scared the crap out of me 

this game was fire. I need to know what was going on though lol

I honestly had no idea what was going on for the longest time. Because im stupid lol. But the game was actually pretty solid 

I need the full game now lol. The art style was too fire

I wish this game was a little longer. It was so good and fun. I cant wait for the full game

Bro this game was actually really fun for what ive played. There was a little glitch that didnt let me finish but all in all a good game 

this game was something else lmfao

I almost died playing this game tbh lol. Its a really cool game and it feels a little like silent hill

I love the art style. And this game is fire. I will never beat it though lol. Its impossible

this game was amazing. I  cant wait for a full release 

I wish this game was longer. It had so much potential its crazy

bro this game is amazing lol. I love this game and i had so much fun playing it.

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The idea of this game is absolutely fire

fire lol. Hopefully there will be more someday 

Bro this game was fire lol. I truly enjoyed this game

The jump scare in this game is actually the most terrifying thing ever 

the ending of this game definitely caught me of guard. Enjoy 


Those game was weird and wild but pretty interesting 

this game was actually so much fun. I can only hope for a full version 

lol honestly not something i expected

This game was something else haha. I wish there was more

bro this game was actually creepy 

This game is honestly one of the best games i played on this site. I hope you enjoy the video!!!!

This is honestly one of the best games i have played from this site. I made a video for my channel and i enjoyed every second. Check it out 

This game was actually hilarious lol. I enjoyed it. check out my latest video 

I actually enjoyed it haha. The cough in the beginning got me