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WOW Shweebe!  We loved your Let's Play!  You're so emotive!  Thank you so much for doing this!  We'll promote it throughout our network tomorrow. <3

We promoted you all over the place!  I hope it gives you a bump in views.  :)

Thank you so much!  (We just saw this today). That was an awesome Let's Play.  We will promote you through our network.  Thanks so much for taking the time to do this!!

This was fantastic!!  We only saw it now, but we'll be promoting it through our network tomorrow.  You did a great job with this! We loved you're commentary.  'Don't eat me' had us laughing!  We can't wait to see the next part.  Great job!

We could do that! We didn't realize there was any interest.

Please delete and reinstall

I'm afraid not, sorry.

Hi HitomuTanaka!  Yes, you can grab the cheat map here:

Yes, it should!

Did you download the new 'Censored' folder and use it to replace the 'Censored' folder in the Games folder?

February or sooner. We are working this out.

I'm sorry I didn't see this before.  This was fixed.  <3

No, we haven't set anything like that up, sorry.

I'm sorry, ShadowLamb!!  They don't make it easy.  We put instructions on the description, but it's still difficult to find.  :(

It's out now!

We will definitely have an Itch release in the future.  Possibly early next year.

Just Steam.


$19.99 :)  Coming Nov. 23rd to Steam! <3

November 23rd!!!!

It will be on Steam tomorrow Oct 2nd!!

The full game is here:


That's really tough because I don't know what endings you've gotten and what ending you still need to get!  All the endings are pretty attainable based on how you answer the questions.  You can purchase a cheat map here if you want:

We're going to try our hardest to get it on Steam.  We'll see what happens!  :)

You're welcome!!! <3

It's still in the works. I can't say more due to an NDA.

Hi Saku, there are 10 endings.  You're right we should have put a gallery in.  We'll keep that in mind for future.

Hi Gwacha!  If you go by 10,000 words of dialogue = 1 hour of play time, then each route is 1 to 1.5 hours long to play, but it may be longer if you try to get all the endings.  

(1 edit)

We're waiting to hear back from Steam on this.

Sorry, it will not!

Great work!! 

This is the whole game!!

We're working on getting the game onto Steam right now!  It takes a minimum of 2 weeks, sometimes longer. 

You have the uncensored version!  MMDL is an itchi heat level, not hentai.  Our hentai game is To Trust an Incubus--coming this November!

Indiegogo Backers:  I just sent an update!  We are getting these keys out ASAP but can only send 100 a day.  You'll have it by Monday at the latest!!

Yes!  There are bad endings and failure endings.  The failure endings are still happy, but you need to learn to work the magic better the next time you play.  The other bad endings are pretty easy to avoid.  You won't 'accidentally' get a bad ending.  You have to pick some obvious choices to make them happen.  :)

Yes, Itch.   Steam rejected our censored demo, so we don't know if they'll accept the game later.

Hi!  The Mac and Win versions are in zip folders.  You can't zip Android or Linux files.

There's digital and physical versions of the game available for perks.  We will be deciding the best way to distribute digital copies later on, but it would be much too large for an email probably.  :)  

If we get funding, backers will get their copies in November 2018!!