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you need to request one!! the link is in the desc

meatspace ephemera was an amazing experience that i think about often. its crazy to think its almost been a year now since i first played it <- a comment I wrote at some point.  
I played this with my friend today! I had to use 7 tabs so we could proceed with the game but it was so worth it. thank you once more for the game. I feel so happy i got to play this again. my friend is lie factorey btw if u get a comment from them. 馃А馃挅馃А馃挅馃А馃挅

aaa what a cool game!! i think i took abt 20 mins at least to reach a point that i could no longer continue. the bits abt the sky and matt and all of that were wonderful!

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chrome seems to load better 4 me so try that if it takes forever

i have no clue abt the etiquette 4 commenting on itchio BUT! what a wonderful game. i played it yesterday in the polaris server and had a great time running into people and making it to the end. found it very fulfilling to go back to the first door and help people proceed its good!! atmosphere is wonderful. i do wonder what my face looked like tho, i think theres 3 varieties but id love to know if it was my face or me sprinting towards ppl that made em do a double take HAHA