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Anyone got Keir's best ending on their first try and now too scare to replay to get the other endings ? 

Just me D,: ?

Oh, btw, if you are comfortable with this question, may I ask what the price going to range from?

Please take your time to develop the game, I also need time to prepare the money too *wheeze*

Ohhh...Thank you for informing me !

Btw I heard that you will release your game in Android platform right ? If so,I can buy your paid games and support you! 

And this should be commented in "Deep in the forest" page but anyway... I saw you said that one should be released in 2022 but it is already 2023 and we haven't heard any updates.

I just want you to know that we understand how hard it is to make a visual novel and the large amount of time it takes to polish your creations. So please don't rush yourselves.In case the game's release date has to be postpone waaaaay longer than expected,a short notice for us would be nice :Đ !

I can't finnacially support you but I will try my best to mentally support you ! Like the way how your lovely creations (ohhh and hot 2D men >:Đ) give me free therapy! 


Im wondering If the full version will be the paid one.

Like,I really enjoy the demos of Lurker,Deep in the forest and this one too !

But too bad I cant creat a Paypal account yet ahhhhh-

So wholesome !!!

But I'm struggling to find the ending with the first 2 CGs in the gallery, anyone has any tips?

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My computer is a 32-bit. I cant play....plz help I want to try this visual novel sooooo bad cuz It matches my taste perfectly *sniff*

lol omg for real ?! XD

Well thats just a joke, 180.000 is a really,really affordable price ! For somehow I think it (though I'm poor af ;-;)

Anyway ! Keeps up with the good work! Cant wait for the full version <3

Since we're đồng bào, can I have a discount when the full game comes out : Đ ?