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Hey ! Thanks, sorry for the issues you encountered, these are fixed now. I hope you enjoyed the game anyway!

Hey everyone ! Thanks for playing the game, you guys are awesome!

I did not have time lately to update the game, my focus has been all on my studies, but finaly the update the game needed is here!

Have fun !

Thanks to all of you for your awesome comments and videos !!

I'll post a new thread in the devlog soon so keep updated !

Hey ! Of course, it should be done by the end of the week :)

Hey ! Thanks for playing and the cool video !

I posted a fix for the ending room so the crash shouldn't occur ! Everything is listed in the devnote :)

Have a great day !

Thanks for the cool video !! I'm glad you enjoyed it !

Hey !

Thank you very much for your comments, i'm glad that you noticed the "Layer of Fear" vibe, it was one of my key inspiration.

I'm glad you enjoyed the experience ! I really liked your video !

Cheers and have a great day !

Hey ! Thanks for your comment and video !

Hey ! Thanks for the video ! I changed the ending so that the crash doesn't occur :)

Thanks for the video ! And you managed to handle your community challenge Congratz !

привет ! спасиба для харашо видео !! но мой руский - плохой итак я не все понял хаха !

Hey ! Thanks for playing and giving your feedbacks, the bugs you encountered are fixed now. And really cool video !

Hey, thanks for your feedback ! I updated the game to fix these bugs, sorry for the bother