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Thank you!

The game as a 1.0 version is the entire game, thank you!

Thank you!

Thanks for the interest the 1.0 version launched, thank you!

Greetings! Currently the game isn't for any mobile versions, thank you!

Thanks for the questions!

There are some scenes kind of like that and there isn't one as this is a game that is shared for free!

Though thanks for the interest in one for this game!

Thank you!


Yes it is! Sorry for the delays in any updates for the game, though trying to discuss the scenes with artists so that the update that does get shared is the full game.


Hello thanks for the interest, the game is still editing for the story, currently the art is getting created for certain scenes in the current arc, though can't say exactly currently it should get another version soon!

Hello thanks for the interest in translating the text for the two games, the text could be shared later on, once am able to do so thank you!

There isnt a mobile version currently but thats something to consider also!

Hello all.

Thank you for trying out this demo, currently Fables Lodge is on hiatus as another game is being created with other artists.

If you liked this game feel free to check out the new one, Amara's Adventure.

Fables Lodge is something I would like to continue as Amara's Adventure is done using many new features that Fables Lodge didnt utilize.

Any feedback you feel like sharing can be done on either of the games discussion areas.

Thank you again!


Of course and the game's story is still being created so there isn't a launch for the next version yet!

Hey there! Yes the game doesn't go on to the 3rd day yet, the story is still being created to include other characters. There isn't a final launch for the next version as of yet but thanks for trying the game! If you have other feedback towards it feel free to share also!

Thank you! The game's story is being edited for two of the other characters, there isn't a set release as of yet but once there is a blog will be shared for them!