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My high score: 3700

The good, the bad, the ugly:
-Main menu screen is cut off and so are some of the enemies on my 1366 x 768 display. Consider building gamejam games in a smaller Windowed mode, not fullscreen for this reason.
-It's difficult to tell when you get hit and I have no clue where my health is. I think it's the blue bar on the bottom after playing 5 times. Health pickups are red, but health bar is blue? Maybe be more consistent in that design
-Game feel as far as shooting goes is great, though the impact of your shots can't be seen on enemies (knockback goes SUCH a long way)
-Your high score should be saved and reported in the menu screen, otherwise it feels like you're making no progress.
-A "You Died!!, Time Survived: 00:00, Highscore: 0000" would have gone a long way too.
-If the enemies moved, even in a rectangle around the screen, each game would feel a lot less repetitive and more interesting. It would also be nice if they didn't shoot constantly or if there was an obstacle for you to avoid being hit behind.
-The main menu should have some sort of music, or even sound upon mouse hovering because for a minute I thought game volume wasn't working.
- The dash ability feels negligible and I never use it, the other one similar to a blank from Enter the Gungeon also didn't feel helpful or long-lasting enough to use. Instead of the blank, maybe have something that stuns all enemies to get back on your feet.
-Minigun was overpowered, Shotgun was underpowered, an RPG would have gone a long way. Minigun gave me a laugh though!! haha!

Overall thoughts:
Good for the time spent, it was fun to play for about 5 minutes. Hell, you can find my first gamejam game at and compare the quality. Mine was much less polished and super unfocused - & I had MORE time than you guys spent. Overall, great job. I know this is a lot of negative feedback, but it is supposed to help you focus better on the important things next time ^-^ - great work, guys

Hi, I wanted to compensate you for your pack by paying $1-$2, but this is just marked as a free downloadable, rather than a name-your-own-price.  If you would like me to Venmo you compensation, please get back to me.  I appreciate these kinds of small packs.

Hey, I normally pay $1 for whatever packs are name-your-own-price just as a thank-you, but this was not marked name-your-own price, so I wasn't able to compensate you for your help.  I know the $1 doesn't mean a lot to you, but I was wondering if there was any way I could Venmo you $1 through PayPal.  Please get back to me, thank you ^-^