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Absolutely loving the new update, the new perks and customization options feel nice to work with in-game. I’d like to ask though if there’s any plans for qol improvements to the wardrobe. I’ve noticed that it randomly sets itself to the “party” mode, and certain events will remove jewelry from my outfit (eg bully events).

Does anyone else have trouble launching on Mac? It keeps saying I don't have permission despite me doing everything to give myself permission.

I understand. Thank you for getting back to me on it.

Will the game be updated with a full mac version now that the Wine Emulator doesn't work with the newest MacOS?

Thanks man!

Updates aren't upgrades. If it was a new premium or continuous backer exclusive then yeah that's an upgrade. But the way it was phrased (and the way it's commonly done) is that purchasing a game also gets you the updates. 

Hi, I'm seeing this issue pop up for others, but I purchased the 0.3 version but I'm not seeing a way to update to 0.4. Is this a bug or an oversight?