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we need

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cant enter the numbers for the second puzzle

otherwise great game

your art just keeps getting better and better

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Everyone, I think I figured it out. I think this game might have a story. I may as well be perfectly wrong, but it's worth a shot.

Spoilers ahead

When everything is wrong and you have to kill them all, if you look in the background of certain clown rooms, there are pictures of children. When the clown dies, those pictures turn into something different. I think those pictures are of children who originally died. The clowns are a kind of reanimated form of them, I guess. The children are also wearing the exact same patterned clothing as the clown in the room.

 For Mr. Floaty, there is a picture of lungs, not looking too good. He died from something in his lungs.

Mr. Washy had a picture of a bathtub filled with black stuff. In this, the black stuff seems to represent blood. He was murdered in his bathtub.

Mr. Handy doesn't have any pictures, which I think is because he died from his hands getting deformed and stuff.

Ms. Stretch had a picture of a child crying, then one with the child having a guy holding her arm, with her then crying. I think she was kidnapped, then having her arm ripped off.

Who knows with Jack in a Box. Might be evil, might be reanimated. If reanimated, I think death by strangling.

EDIT TO JACK IN A BOX: When you are turning the handle, the picture of the giraffe in the background will change. The neck grows, then the head and neck are chopped off. I think Jack in a Box was decapitated. 

The main clown I think is evil.

I also found some secrets that I'll put here. 

The welcome sign can be clicked to say "Welcome to the exhibit of smiles :)"

You can turn off the music box by clicking on it. If you click on it 3 times, it'll fall and break.

Once the main clown appears for the first time, you can head back to the starting room to see that the pictures are now blank.

After the second time the main clown appears, don't open the Jack in the Box just yet, as if you head back to the starting room and open and close the credits over and over, a little clown face thing will jumpscare you.

As someone else pointed out, when everything goes dark, room will get creepy pictures that aren't quite correct, and once you hover over them, they will go back to normal.

Also in the dark, each sign will change with instructions on how to set things back.

Even if the music box was broken, it'll start playing music again. If broken, once clicked, you'll get special dialogue. 

The stars can spin in the first room. Once everything goes to shit, each star once spun enough gets a face and makes a noise and then disappears.

The instructions in the first room can also be clicked on, and once clicked on after the weird stuff starts to happen, the instructions after clicked will just show a giant hole, and then disappear.

If you click on the welcome sign after stuff goes weird, it'll change itself to "Welcome to the exhibit of sorrows". It can be clicked multiple times, and the ":)" will sometimes change to ":(".

Once a clown is killed, their sign will change.

Jack in the Box's sign will change after the first little run of his handle, from "Turn the handle." to "TURN THE HANDLE". Eventually, the sign will fall, and once clicked the words "TURN THE HANDLE" will fill the screen.

Please let me know if I missed anything!

Edits for things I missed or forgot to say:

Once stuff goes weird, the hand pointer thing changes to a very scuffed hand.

With the pictures of the children, the man who seemed to cause stuff is the same in the pictures.

you know what you did

gerome ending best ending

actually treated with respect

fun :)

92% on my first go, though!

I got colour instead of help as well.

For MASSI, it should count as bye or goodbye. I got that one wrong, as I put goodbye instead of bye.

hes back with another good game

les go

i jumped on a block and moved mach 10

holy duck


lmao the pvz music


sneaks is ugly af

reminds me of monument valley

its like everhood but free

and anime

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i forgot this was a horror game 

that was certainly a surprise

actually incredible

I personally think you are one of the bullies, and that she is haunting you.


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too difficult i quit 


actually incredibl

were playing as hitler what

morb mode scares me



You should make a mouse sensitivity gauge or settings


the thing in the final ending got the spamton eyes

turn off your volume

15 cats at the end.

it is ok

it looks kinda cool too lol

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this is incredible for a person new to game development

also, the atom isnt the smallest form of matter. that would be a particle.

reminds me of everhood