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I didn't expect it to actually be that intense, the music really made the game so much more stressful and scary. I'm gonna attempt hard mode for sure, but the normal mode was so much fun!

Am I able to get a refund? Also, does anyone know where I can get $1,000 USD?

Oh. Thanks

The first time I played this I had a really slow day so my brain subconsciously passed this off as an actual test for a virtual tour. It took a GTLive video to figure it out lol...

Aside from that, great game! Super horrifying.

world record run baby lets gooo

i legit thought those were magma cubes 💀

sussy face and swifty speed

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Got stuck after pushing a car and then jumped and fell through the map.......

Great game 10/10 would Mission: Find a buyer again

Dude you should add an option to donate for a TTS message (at any price) that still controls the story, but it requires real money to donate so that all of the donations go to you for the game (just make sure it says where it goes in the purchase window lol)

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Seems like nobody can play. Just wondering, are the servers still running?

Update: It looks as if Server 1 is offline, and the developer did state (I just didn't see): "If your game is not connecting to the server, click the three bars on the top of the screen and click on Server 2..."

Update 2: So now it seems like I'm failing to connect to Server 2 now, and Server 3 just doesn't load at all. Also, the client keeps glitching when I go back to the menu after closing and reopening the game when it doesn't connect, none of the buttons do anything at all. This isn't a rant to the developer, I'm just sad to see this game go so early on. It seems so fun! I just can't gather together anyone to play with lol.

I currently play on the Xbox Game Pass version and am still looking at purchasing the full game on Steam, but is there currently a way to download the Productivity Suite?