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That sounds to me like your browser is blocking the download for some reason. Would it be possible for you to try downloading from a different browser?

Hey Vehsworld, what happens when you click the download button?

Hey Vehsworld, what happens when you click the download button?

Yeah we were thinking the same :P

This was really good! Fun puzzles, really polished and way longer than expected for something made in a gamejam!

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Hey Gluba,

Do you only see one link under the "Download" header? The english version is the top one: 


You probably downloaded the Danish version! We have 2 downloads on the page, you want the one titled “Forgotten”

Tilekit community · Created a new topic Windows warning


Just wanted to mention that Windows (and Chrome) both think the demo is malware.

My guess is that it's because it has kit in the name.

This was really nice! It made me realize that there's an object that I've had on my various desks since childhood, that always came along to a new space. Must be my tiny god's domain!

I really liked the little snippets describing the memories, which made me go through the memories in order of what snipped intrigued me most. I slowly got picture of this person's life in non-chronological order. I wanted to keep most of the memories, so I did not see a lot of the rest. So they are lost.

Hey Harley, normally that error means that Forgotten.exe is not in the same folder as the unityplayer.dll. Did you move it after extracting? If not, could you tell me what files and folders are in the folder that Forgotten.exe is in?

Hey Harley, with unzipping I meant extracting, which it sounds like you did. After extracting, opening the folder and running Forgotten.exe should work.

Hey Harley, can you tell us what is going wrong? When you press the download button it should start downloading a zipped file, which you need to unzip before you can play.

Note that it currently only works on Windows.