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A member registered Apr 05, 2020

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yes but does it really need to move

if you hold shift you can draw straight lines

-the new update-

i realized that the checker actually move when you move the drawing i don't know if this is bug or intended 

but at least for me i find it hard to locate where i should put pixels 


i was going to suggest the animation thing and i saw the new update 

i am late ;) downloading now ty

cool also i want to add a suggestion 

the ability to edit more than one layer 

some times you want the work to effect more than one layer

i really want to participate in this software unfortunately i don't know anything about godot or gdscript 

great work

i find the selection tool too primitive 

for example you can't scale the selection or rotate just the selection not the entire image

also i have a bug 

i have a frame when i cloned it 

if i work on the clone the first frame also change 

i tried to copy the entire image and paste it on another frame but same problem 

ty and keep up the good work

do you have a devlog or something 
or can you tell us how to implement this ??

i have suggestion 
mirroring mirror just from the middle

can you add the ability to put the mirror anywhere ??

i think he means for example this times i opened the pic folder in the app 

next time when it opens the file manager it should be in pic folder

hello bro i created an itchio account just to comment to this master piece 

this software is really good i was looking for a pixel art app from a long time for linux till i find this 

i didn't experience with it that much but i like it so much so far i started creating my game sprites with it 

i will spread your work everywhere 

keep the work mate 

and i don't believe that's free