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Fantastic game, both visually and from a design prospect. There's a bit of a difficulty spike between the first and second level, but that's a minor gripe.

I did encounter a glitch, however; while playing through the third level, I got eaten by the worm thing and the whole game froze. Had to refresh and start over >_<

Great job!

Dunno if it's too late for input, but I enjoyed this one! It's simple but fun for what it is. Arc was my favourite.

The menu system is really glitchy, though. If I play Practice Mode before doing Adventure Mode, the Practice Mode menu sometimes pops up after I win a match. Sometimes the scroll button spell would disappear as well, even though I didn't change my mouse or anything like that.

Aside from addressing these bugs, I would like to see more maps and possibly more characters. You could also add  a summon spell with new enemy types. Team matches would also be nice.

10/10, Would press again

Simple but decently fun. Could use a pause menu though.

Great stuff! But I wish you would have given us some warning that it was going to turn into a Bullet hell game towards the end, haha! Caught me off guard.

Love the aesthetic. Very endearing. But could use a bit more visual/audio feedback with the punches; they seem to lack impact.

Decently fun and I like the silliness, but the game needs a dedicated restart option. Having to refresh the page and then go through the tutorial again is not optimal.

Well-made game, but the difficulty is honestly just... well, cruel. Haha! (Or maybe I'm just bad. Entirely possible)


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I like the artstyle and the fact that it is randomly generated so it's different each time, but I do think it could use a bit more to it. (enemies, maybe?)

I did have fun with it though. The song used is great, too. Solid effort.

Short, but fun. Good job!

Great artstyle, but I don't think holding the attack button works; it doesn't seem to do anything for me. Might want to look into that.

Brilliant. That's all that needs to be said. ^_^

;_; I can't beat it... haha!

Sadly, this one might just be too far beyond me. But I do like the idea of it.

Maybe I'll try again in the future.

Very well made game! Challenging in all the right ways. Something about this game's aesthetic is very charming too. Really enjoyed this one!

Brilliant. That's all that needs to be said. Simply Brilliant.

Sad to report that the game freezes whenever you try to collect coins. Or after a certain length of time passes.

There should also be some visual/audio feedback whenever you attack an enemy. I wasn't sure the button was even working until I started spamming it. 

This is so silly. I love it.

This is really awesome! I love the artstyle and especially the kick-ass soundtrack. Sadly, the longest I managed to survive was 22 seconds, haha!

Simple but fun. Great stuff!

I applaud your taste in music ^_^

(Mainly because I use DEgITx's work in my games too, haha!)

Really liked this. Feels very much like a souls game. Artstyle was cool, too.

This is pretty good, thanks largely in part to the writing. I'm not normally a fan of games like these, but I was compelled to keep going mainly to see where the story would lead. Good job!

Simple as this game is, I spent almost two hours doing nothing but play it over and over. Great job!

The artstyle is good, and the story is alright, but I did see a number of grammatical errors littered throughout this one. Might want to get a proofreader for it.

Anyway, good job with this one.

Short, but sweet! Great job on this one.


^_^ But on a more serious note, this is pretty good. I like the artstyle and the gameplay. It is a bit too easy to just abuse a certain strategy, however; I was able to deal with almost all the enemies just by running and then doing a heavy attack.

Also, I'm not sure if the issue was with my computer, but the music was very distorted (bad compression, I think?).

Anyway, great stuff!

The art style is lovely, by the way ^_^

Pretty great game! The concept is simple but fun. It is absolutely criminal that it hasn't gotten more attention :(

I think you might want to do a bit of rebalancing with the first trap though. Once I got enough resources, I just replaced all of them with the first one and none of the monsters could get through, haha! Maybe limit the number the player can use for each trap type?

^_^ Loved the humor, it was very endearing. Sadly, I wasn't smart enough to figure it out without using the guide >_<

This game is... okay. Perfectly fine as a time waster. But sadly, it does leave some things to be desired.

Also, I wasn't able to leave the "You win" screen? That might have been because I was using a mouse and keyboard, though.

Hope this doesn't come off as too harsh. >_<

Really liked this one. I have to say, though; getting to the boss was tougher than the boss itself, haha!

Dunno why, but playing through this a second time was a lot more fun than I remembered! ^_^ Great game with a fantastic artstyle. I loved skipping through the air like a literal pixie whilst hacking enemies to death

Can't believe it, but you made a game about shooting boxes fun! Great job!

This game is pretty silly... but honestly? I like it. Great way to kill some time.

I should point out that I made it through the game without having to use a charged attack, though. Might wanna look into that.

First of all, just wanted to say that I adore this game! Very cool concept. If I could suggest an improvement, I think that adding a save feature would greatly enhance it; it would encourage players (a.k.a me) to stick around with it for even longer, attempting to create a massive army.