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Glad it's helping people out. Thanks Konami

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Haha, thanks, I'll try when I get home.

Thank you very much for the quick reply.

  • alt+enter works to bring it into windowed mode. But still returns to a black screen, even when selected from the menu.
  • Updated Nvidia drivers, restarted pc, same issue.
  • Launching Nuclear Throne with NTT mod opens with a black screen.
  • Can still hear game audio, can hear myself clicking around the menu.
  • Played update NTT 9883 with friends in the past, that worked fine.
  • Played NTT 9885 with friends in the past, that worked fine. Issue came up within the last month.
  • Uninstalling mod (including re-installing the base game on steam) allows the base game to run fine.
  • Tried installing a previous NTT build, still have the issue.
Any help and feedback appreciated!