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A tease for what is to come gotcha. My completionist nature was driving me back every chance I got.

Ah I understand then I am up to date on the max build thanks can't wait for more. Also the dungeon in the mountain with the chest that is surrounded by a lifted level with a single entrance that doesn't seem like you can get through is that later date as well?

So really nice job on the game I have enjoyed so far. I am not sure if I have reached the end I have completed lion and fox level 2 also completed the 3 main guys quests so far but not sure if there is more or waiting for update? I have gotten some unusual items I have yet to find a purpose for which is why I am just wondering if I am at a current stopping point? Thanks again

I also wanted to ask this as based off the current files of the guys. Many of them prefer the feminine trait with four to five potentials candidates which includes with as Henrik as any, two masculine, one fitness, and a none category. Can there maybe be a bit more balance for the traits as maybe femininity seems like like the highest account for these routes?

Ok thank you that makes much more sense now when you would pick that option the emblem would retreat.

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Great demo more than I was expecting. I look forward to more updates. I do have some questions on the trait system mainly with the emblems in which the highlighted was a bit confusing. Were the choices that were highlighted to make sure people knew make that choices weren't made and the category so they can stick to a set pathway?  Like I got knight and choice more blue choices to match but the emblem disappeared we as the others remained present.

Sorry I was wondering if the episode H were going to be animated but I saw in the discord tweet they would be.

So appreciate the updates but are the scenes going to be CG only or are we getting 3D like the bedroom scenes?

So I got the game with the walkthough but only shows Hanks path should there be more in there for Leon and stuff? Also is there really only one scene with Hank?

Same problem no scene afterwards