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You Are Sus

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The futuristic setting and the writing really pleases the cyberpunk fan in me.

Now don't get it twisted.

I hate children but I WILL commit warcrimes for Joia.

Also I saw that Akira reference.

Last thing, I dunno what Rohan did but they can catch those General audiences-hands

The demo is not available yet ?

When you get easily invested in it you know it's gonna be good.Itching for the next chapter!


*slides a 1§ bill because I'm poor*

Can we have Mayor Welsh as a RO or...

Russ' design is so nice. Just looking at him (or them?) so relaxing.

I got Capricorn but I'm a Scorpio. But my Midheaven is in Capricorn so I guess that's I look like to other people.

The pacing is kinda slow but I like the characters so I hope the devs didn't gave up on it..

Sorry I meant importing my save . I used the wrong word .

I don't use my own computer right now and I wanted to have a save when I get my computer back.

I was always running away from this game but now I regret it. 


Is there a way to import the game ?

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When you chose ''You barely pay me at all, Carol.'' or ''You barely pay me at all, Caroline.'' it says that but it still takes the answer so it's not really a bad thing.

I really like it but it sometimes says "Error: <<set>>: bad evaluation: Unexpected token ',' on some choices.

I don't know if the dev has abandonned this game but it's really good for a demo. Keep it up!!!

Imagine being so focused on little details you put a focking MAP in a Twine game. More customizable than this you die. The cliffhanger looks promising. 

*slaps hand on the table*



I really liked the Knight and his personality. But he has a grand couturier vibe I can't quite shake out. Was that intended ?

Thanks for the tip, i didn't even think of doing that.

 As I was reading, I heard the Gates of Heaven closing on me so it's a 10/10 for me.

Even the bad endings were perfect.

Just perfect. 5 stars.

It looks interesting but I can't scroll down to read.

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As someone who didn't watch any movie and read any Fifty Shades book, That's the funniest sh!t I've ever played on this website.

5 stars.


I cried so much this season. 9/10. Ugh. FOOD. Feed us the third season pls. 

When you're reading a story and say to yourself "That's why you don't have friends/children" you know it hits hard.

Also I have a question. I feel like the "Nerve" count is like what kind approach we take for dialogues and choices (like hot-blooded/cold-blooded or assertive/submissive).

So is it normal that my 'Nerve' count is at -46 ? (pls answer I'm scared to play with this Roe)

SPOILER (I guess)



Chris is finally a useful character (still a dumbass but we love you). I didn't like him that much but choosing Bradley over him and see him cry was worse than all the Hell chapters. 

Jeff best character fight me

Zillah horny mf get bonked (this mf has the worst timing when it comes to seggs)

Syd angry lesbian (or bisexual i don't know) queen we love her

Rahim...whatever lol....Everytime I try to like you you do some dumbshit

Amari so sweet she deserves all the pats in the world

Faye pls so caring and aborable to me even when I'm dying :)

Lucia you hella sus stop looking at Zillah like that I'll kil you hoe :)

Smoking that Petri and Langston pack ;) thank you for killing them i hated them particularly the bald headed one :)