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YoSheCo DG

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It was silly, I really liked the video. I was going to say that you should definitely put that up on YouTube, realized you probably would've thought of that already, and found your channel. Good stuff! Keep it up! I'm definitely a fan now!

Finally got a chance to give this a go! Loved the little clip at the end too (I HAD TO keep your 'advertising' part up there because it was so silly). This is going to be amazing at full blast!

Yep! I got Our Secret Below as soon as you released it...... but none of the audio carried over because my low grade equipment is being stupid. I saw your little clip at the end, the artwork's adorable and silly, loved it! After I get Our Secret Below up I'm definitely checking out 'The Subject' too! I can't believe you're making these amazing games on your own. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

This was really cool! Can't wait until the full game is released!