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None of the samples seem to use `require` to split up code over multiple files. Trying myself I get an error

# ERROR: The following hash reached a nil thrashing limit.

# # Here are the details:
# # {:__thrash_count__=>{:join=>6}, :files_reloaded=>["app/main.rb"], :reloaded_files=>["app/main.rb"], :paused=>false, :framerate=>0, :framerate_at=>0, :toast_message=>false, :toast_debounce=>0, :repl_text_color=>[100, 100, 100], :repl_text_font=>nil, :show_gridlines=>false, :gridline_color=>[200, 200, 200], :gridline_label_color=>[0, 0, 0], :gridline_spacing_x=>20, :gridline_spacing_y=>20, :gridline_label_spacing_x=>20, :gridline_label_spacing_y=>20, :time_per_tick=>16}
# # member: [join]
# attribute: [time_per_tick].

Is there a way to `require` ruby files yet?

That helps the packaged version run, thanks. The packaged build exhibits the same text disappearing bug when resizing.

Bug 1 - Resizing the window breaks text rendering, all labels stop rendering. Editing the code so it reloads does not make the text appear again.

I wondered if packaged games have the same problem which led met to bug 2:

After adding metadata and an icon, I have packaged the tech demo using `./dragonruby-publish --only-package samples/tech_demo`.

Starting the .exe gives an error "Couldn't create game context:" with empty space after the `:`

Bug 3 - No sound plays in the golf_with_musical_notes sample.

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The currently used mruby version is 1.9

This file has a list of mruby limitations