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Very relaxing, and useful for unwinding after a difficult day! Thank you! And I'd love to see more titles like this in the future. :)

13 Gates is a delightful little game, combining all the best game mechanics from an assortment of different genres, such as platformers, puzzle games, first-person-shooters, and exploration games. What makes it stand apart from the crowd though, is that 13 Gates benefits from taking only the best ideas from these diverse genres and leaving out the frustrating aspects of their core gameplay mechanics and design. The art design, level design, gameplay, sound design, and visuals are all top notch for a game made by only one developer. It can be highly relaxing and soothing, while also pleasantly, but not irritatingly, challenging. It also offers relatively high replay value for gamers who have a competitive streak and love to break records thanks to its integrated map completion timer system. I highly recommend this little gem for PC! :)