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the patreon version is always updated on the last day of the month :D The demo will be updated... eventually ahaa

All porn is endorsed by Satan ;3

Aww thanks!! That super sweet! Also, I fucking love seeing fanart aha :3 :3

Ahh thank you so much!! I'm super glad you're having a good time with it! :D

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OMG thank you so much for writing this up!! this lil game thing was already a huge inspiration and now I know that youre also working in godot im like aaaaa!! Keep up the amazing work!!!!

Thanks :D more options for what specifically?

eee thanks! glad you liked it :D

thank you :3 :3

nope! Anytime you'd like! I appreciate the support sooo much! :D :D :D

glad youre having fun :3

eee thank you!! :D :D

there are multiple ways to earn coupons, but i suggest you explore the map. Visiting the alleyway on Root St can earn coupons on most days. Also there are some opportunities to earn them in the Lemon, on Skipnoise Ave. Also, if you see any little drones flying around, click em a few times and you can earn some coupons

thats weird, it should be working out of the box, yeah. Are you on windows?

Thank you so much! Also, dang it took me sooo long to figure that out lol, gj :D

nm i just fixed it

yeah thats  a bug, i totally didnt mean to make it say that every time you go to root st. it was supposed to only happen when you click on the pillory mistress after completeing the second contest mini scene, since previously it didnt do anything when you clicked on her, and people thought that was a bug. I want to push a new verison on the demo but now the game is filled with this months half-completed content and is even buggier. not sure if i should invest time into making a new demo rn or just wait 10 days and then update the demo when this month build is finished and i will have worked all the bugs out anyway.

yus im super glad you liked it :3 :3 :3

Thank you!!! ya so the game is currently in development, the patreon build is the current more updated version of the game. You can get it here for a pledge of $1 or more :3

Thanks, I'm really glad you like it :D I think the best way to report bugs would be to either message me on twitter ( or send mail on tumblr (

oops, thx for reminding me! its fixed, but not in the demo yet. I'll do a new version soon.

ooh dang, i forgot about this, thank you! i fixed this but but I havnt made a new demo build since. I'll do it early next month :3


thx :3 :3

Yeah, thats just cause I'm not a 'trusted developer' or something. I promise Hardcoded isn't a virus, you've just gotta get defender to allow it.

Oh yes, Im hard at work on development :3 If want in on some of the newer scenes, join the patreon! Otherwise, The rest of the story will be available when the game is released. Thank you so much! :D

Ah thank you so much! This is so sweet.. Im glad youre feeling better!

People have given me a few positive comments about that blur but its actually an unavoidable side effect of the way certain areas have been set up. Hopefully soon I will have removed the blur transition from all explorable locations( although im not sure how to remove them from specific scenes yet.)

thank you so much :3

oic, i'll go check this in context. thanks!

I assume youre the same person who contacted me on twitter, but just in case

Thank you! I'm not planning on updating the demo regularly though, just the patreon build. We probably wont see a new demo for several months, unless someone finds a major bug with this one.

Oh my gosh, this is so sweet! Thank you! And I appreciate your support so much :D

:D Thank you! Also, nice, I just learned a new word lol

Oh, sorry, I should be posting dev logs here probably. There's a few small things but mainly it's just to fix a bug in Beryl 3 where it would skip the first half of the scene.

Thank you so much! There's no plan to add any body mods beyond hair, just cause it would be really difficult to make it work with how animations & clothing are handled. Hopefully we'll be able to include it in our next game :D

Thank you so much! There's a new build coming out on monday for patrons that includes a new money making outlet and the beginning of a storyline with a cis girl. Olivia is also a cis girl and well get a storyline of her own at some point. I'm still undecided about adding a romancable boy, but we'll see.