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so much form in the walls... this is amazing :o and the fish people are so cute!!!

I'd buy it so quick :o

there sure are :D

Very cool little game! I love how pleasantly vibrant it all is. The character portraits are super cute and the voice of the AI is very charming! Also, hard mode is extremely intense lol

thank you so much!!

It might be an antivirus issue, since we arnt one of microsofts 'trusted publishers.' If you got a popup saying something like that, you'll have to click through a few things before it'll let you play. You could also check your anitvirus settings. Also, can you confirm you downloaded the correct version? It should end in .exe

thx, thats the best comment ever

my patreon is right here :D

tragically, no. I dont think i'll ever be able to support android, and i cant distribute on ios even if i Could port it.

Omg this is so sweet! Thank you so much!!

Thank you so much omg

Beeeeeeb!!!!!!! Thats so cute! Also, im really glad you like it! :3

ehe thanks! It totally is!

It isn't, unfortunately. I'm glad you're like the rest of the game though! Thank you :3

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it does, but it might be only in the patreon version

Oh my gosh thank you I love that too!! I think little windows are really adorable but I think this is the first time I've ever been complimented about it :3 But yeah, Peach isn't the manager, peach doesn't currently have any role in the game but their barista job. I should probly give them at least a little more context aha

<3 thank you! That feels like such high praise.. I also adore it when games are able to do that for me :3

thx thx, i totally agree :3

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I havn't written Forciers scenes yet, but theyre totally gonna be romanceable. Also, thanks so much! Im so glad ya like it!

Nope, sorry

She absolutely does in the patreon version :3

O sorry, i didnt notice this till just now! Theres a button in your apartment below the 'back' arrow button. I made it more noticeable in the patreon version, but I still havnt gone back and fixed it in the demo, so my bad!

It wont be available for purchase until its officially released.

I fixed this in the patreon version, i just for forgot to update the demo lmaooo also thank you!!! :D

thank you so much!! :D

:3 :3 thx!

Adorable!!! Thats so cool!! :D

we don't have an official release data yet

Hey! I'm super glad you like the game :D Most of my game dev experience is in Godot, and I absolutely love it. I learned to program and stuff in this engine, and compared to like, unity or unreal, Ive found it to be an extremely good learning environment. It's structure follows a logic that feels very universal and easy to internalize. I've never felt limited by the engine at all (just by my own skills lol) Good luck w your game!!

I'm gonna see about porting it once the game is done

thanks so much!!

wow i had no idea they allowed porn? If they do, I'd absolutely use their store.

:3 thanks!!!!!!!

its likely that at some point I'll bring it to steam, despite my dislike for that platform. As for the release date, that's currently up in the air.

the patreon version is always updated on the last day of the month :D The demo will be updated... eventually ahaa

All porn is endorsed by Satan ;3

Aww thanks!! That super sweet! Also, I fucking love seeing fanart aha :3 :3

Ahh thank you so much!! I'm super glad you're having a good time with it! :D