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I really like your art style. and themes. To be honest more coherent English would make it better? Sometimes you write perfectly and fluently (and respond to comments with fluent English) but other times it's so glaringly wrong that it doesn't do your stories justice.

I played this because I love anything Sweden (and it did deliver with the atmospheric rainy autumn and miscellaneous culture flavor text :D). I really like playing a thoughtful game that's short and sweet too. It's one of those stories that I'll think about every so often. Tack snalla~!

I know basically nothing about Portugal but I love learning about cultures and I love coffee <3 I really liked this! The visuals are very charming too :3 Obrigada!

Hello! I didn't expect a response so this is a pleasant surprise ^^

I did notice how everyone is named after that theme and thought it was clever! Hm ok, I understand what you mean about the metaphor. I think, for me, it didn't quite come through because your characters are three-dimensional (well-written!) and metaphors like that are more one-dimensional or satirical (in my experience at least! Someone may see it differently, of course).

That was the only thing that tripped me up though and, like I said, I loved the coziness and the theme of jurisprudence, along with your passion that came through it.

Ha I had no idea Mark stood for war. That's hilarious because that's my dad's name and he is both a lawyer AND an asshole 😆😆😆

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EXACTLY. I loved everything but this just threw me off. I will listen to someone and tell them my thoughts, but ultimately THEY must be the one to make the decision. I don't know why you got voted down. I don't know why Justine was proclaimed unjust and indifferent for saying so. It was a cozy, educational game, but that ending was just....wack.
I chose "you should quit" just for funsies and apparently this is betraying Justine? The whole section just seems self-righteous to me.

I like the Legalese!

This was adorable and lovely <3

hahaha I liked this! :D
I also love the Bri'ish talk m8

personally I think voice acting would take away from it, but ambience or sounds would be really nice

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edit: deleted my original comment but wanted to keep in that I love this so much and it's so well-made and well-written and everything <3

ok I found out my problem!
so the walkthrough wasn't accurate for me: I got the bad ending just by not having enough affection. With that, Goro declines coming inside to talk to you and you automatically get the bad end. When I DID level up his affection all the way, I tried choosing the options you listed for the bad end ("no, it's nothing" etc. etc.) but I still got the good ending.
Wanted to let you know in case you decide to edit the walkthrough!