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the web player gets really fucky on chrome and on edge;;; maybe try it out on firefox


ah! no problem! i hope you enjoy playing bat and bear!

ah! i'm sorry! i'm looking into what could possibly cause the problem.
did you try downloading the game on the itch client or via the browser (like through chrome)?

noted! good luck on your classes!! :D

a bona fide smashing good time!

i might consider making a trav basher spin off game if i get into clickteam fusion! ghfjkfhgjdfkhjf

this is probably gonna be the worse thing i have ever made

will do!!!!

a gorgeously painful look into a unique world of decay and personal suffering. this trilogy is amazing and never ceases to inspire and amaze me!

plenty of charm in this comic! i dig it!! if it's alright, may i draw some fan art of kitkat and loki? :0

it's all good! i'm glad you enjoyed bat and bear!! i don't think i'd be adding to it though, might patch up the dialogue so it may flow better at most. but if people are interested in one, i might make a prequel game/comic to bat and bear where they're in college!

sadly no, i'm not even sure if renpy has the capability to make something for kindles. but i am trying to get an html5 version out, so hopefully you could play!

noted! i'm aware that the pacing and writing isn't perfect, so when i have the energy and time to do another patch, i might go through and do another pass to fix some pacing issues :0

i might add a conversation regarding his size to a prequel vn/comic zine! bear (as of the visual novel) is pretty comfortable and rather confident in his body, but during his college years, he was most definitely not as confident as he is now!

i appreciate you taking the time to critique my previous version, if not for you, this game wouldn't be as good as it is today!

bigbear427 is hunter t. by the way! if he comments, give him some praise as well!

thank you for letting me know!!

whoops, i'm doing more than extending bear's route, i'm also adding more to bat's route to give bear a stronger presence :P