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Great art!

Well I achieved to end the first stage, if you press the right mouse button the shuriken will become a street vendor stand

The landscape is beatiful

I liked Blunder Bird

Portal Hopper!

I love the mechanics of the portals but what I really do at each level is just shoot with the left mouse button.
I like that every time you start again you change the time in which the game is set.

This is a beautiful and challenging game, level 1 is simple and in level 2 I tried to find the key. Great art, I hope you keep on developing it.

Plant the seed is unique


Discharge is a nice game because of therea re different types of enemies and you need to be fast to beat them!

When I was looking for the final key I got punched by the tiny robots!

Hello it looks interesting however in my laptop the tutorial screen overlaps on top of the gameplay

Me parece una idea muy original.

I was very interested in the story, I could beat the first two levels, and the third one I quitted when I lost several times against Satan.

I liked the art for this game, it is scary.

It is the first time I see a main menu where you can move the main character as if you were playing, interesting.

It is very original!

Awesome I liked this game, the monster, the music, the main character but the most interesting part is the difficulty which is very balanced

The first time you play it is challenging.

I loved the main character

I had the same issue

It is challenging however the platforms sometimes spawn too much far on the Y axis to be able to jump to them

I think this game is very interesting and you need to manage the time, get the ingredients for the recipes and I like the gameplay.

Hello, RayDenn, nice game, I have written a review!

I have writen a review of your game, in Spanish:

The voice acting was great and the difficulty was challenging.

I enjoyed to play this game.

I wonder how is the AI programmed? I think it is very interesting to see those other riders being controlled by the compute.

I enjoyed this game, bus stop blast, it is very interesting.

I have a question: how have you done the ingame minimap? Is it a top down 2d camera, ortoghraphic one?

I liked how you could destroy the houses. And I liked the colourful art. Nice expirience.

It was very interesting, great expirience.

How did you link the game buttons with social media? I mean, how do you add links to ingame buttons?

In addition, how have you done the starting scenes? With cinemachine?

How are eggs being spawned? Do the chickens spawn by themselves those?

Thank you for this game.

Thank  you for playing and for your kind comment, it was a learning project.