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wow its so good, good job!

i am downloading it, it looks really good

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will it work in 8gb ram ddr4 and direct x 12  and 64 bit with amd ryzen 3 3200g  and 3.6ghz upto 4.0ghz and vega 8 graphics card

Played it for a while, it is good. Then i thought of getting the steam version, well, its better and just like real war. Lol recommended!

████████╗██╗░░██╗██╗░█████╗░░█████╗░██╗ ╚══██╔══╝██║░░██║██║██╔══██╗██╔══██╗██║ ░░░██║░░░███████║██║██║░░╚═╝██║░░╚═╝██║ ░░░██║░░░██╔══██║██║██║░░██╗██║░░██╗╚═╝ ░░░██║░░░██║░░██║██║╚█████╔╝╚█████╔╝██╗ ░░░╚═╝░░░╚═╝░░╚═╝╚═╝░╚════╝░░╚════╝░╚═╝ Lol

Download this file, after downloading, open "file explorer" in your desktop and right click on the "squid game" file which you downloaded, then click on "extract here" and  a new folder will be created, click there and open the .exe file and play

Ran it, getting smooth fps, around 50. Disabled the depth of field and volumetric lightning and got around 60 fps

I am having ryzen 3 3200G with 8gb ram and Radeon vega 8 graphics card 3.6ghz.....will it work?

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Please make an offline mode with bots.. Please?

Can u post it in Steam? Then more players will play 👌👌

Yes, like that.

Will it work on AMD RYZEN 3 3200G with 8Gb ram and Radeon Vega 8 graphics card with 3.6Ghz speed?

The new update is great!

Is endless mode released? i am updating right now.

Needs offline mode =(


i have 8GB RAM with ryzen 3 and vega 8 graphics with 4GB VRAM

will this game be downloadable for windows? UZG 2 looks good!

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is this game endless?


When is UZG 2 coming out?

Cant wait, when will it release?

Is it endless?

i want this game =(

Its a great game! Best game! The graphics are good and funny! I dont know why the developer is not updating it, many thibgs can be done from it.. Its really good! There are bugs and sudden fps drops are there. I have 8GB RAM with 3.6Ghz speed and AMD RADEON VEGA 8 GRAPHICS CARD. I dont know why its haopenning.. anyways, good game

is this a endless game/

I have suggestion- The player could move, There would be weapons which the player have to purchase. There will be points,  more zombies u kill, more points ans from those coins players can purchase. Zombies will come rushing, it will get harder and harder👍🏼 

  Yaaay, i am getting 140+ FPS in my 8GB RAM PC and also the graphics are amazing and good! Recommended ! Good luck!

Looks good

Endless mode, i mean make a mode where the robbers in the bank comes rushing in to rob the bank, and the S.W.A.T have to survive as long as they can.. Hehe that would be fun

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ok, i will get it

Yes! That would be cool!

Lol okay, i will get this game. It looks cool