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How to use job books? (I bought construction site, and skyscraper window cleaning, but don't know what to do with them)

Wow, the return of the king!

How about adding gallery?

представьте иметь деньги

I really loved your visual novels. Beautiful art, and good storyline, can't wait for full story.

I hope dev is not dead


Thanks for the news, we were really worried , hope you are doing well now! And of course take your time, you are making an amazing game.

So, firstly want to say that this game is like a diamond among coal. It really makes you want to care about Fuyuka. It's really cool that in release will be option to get pure relaitionship with her. I hope dev is doing well. This is the first game ipledged something, not much but honest work. Thank you for beautiful project!

Same, i checked page of this game every day, hoping to see an update.

So, i really liked the game. But have one problem tho.When i'am trying to go to sleep, only Fuyuka goes to sleep and then i'm still not sleeping at midnight. Only then i can go to sleep and it says that she is sad cauuse i didn't headpat her(but i did).