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Keep at it! Sometimes the level generator is unforgiving, but AI is pretty dumb.

Glad to hear that!

I like the visuals, audio, idea and presentation. Just wish movement was quicker and/or had more time to look around and explore. I'll keep trying to win though.

Pretty fun, but a little too quick for me because I suck. Cool idea, nice presentation and good tunes!

Hey, PCG runner buddy! :D Game 0wns, great job!

Cool! This game is a blast, lol. Love it, nice job!

Thanks! Canabalt did inspire this just a little ;)

Nice, hope it was fun for a you remember your score? I've only got like 5-6 icons in a run so far :P Seems like the RNG with the chip spawn is either just one or a bunch in a row, lol. Was going to add an invincibility power up/way to block them, but ran out of time unfortunately.