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PSA: The saves in this game are level based, not autosaved or checkpointed. It didn't bother me, but it would annoy most (it definitely annoyed Sam). 

If you're not bothered by Iron Man style save systems, this game is for you. It's a hardcore horror with obvious Amnesia influences that doesn't look like a lot initially, but after 10 minutes of playing, the dread sinks in. 

The creatures have some minor bugs (as shown in the video), but since we found the items spawn in the same spot each time, it was easy to make up lost progress. The item spawns are all identifiable as well, if you're observant enough. 

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6 endings, AND I loved the game. 

Guys, Corpsepile has made a bunch of games. Check them out. They're all really good and no two of them are the same. 

The creep grew on me, I won't lie. 

Contemp feels like the bastard child of P.T. and Layers of Fear. The atmosphere was stellar, and for those that don't know, there's multiple endings. 

I only have 2 criticisms:
1. High depth of field != quality textures. It's also very taxing on computers.

2. Motion blur should be an option. It is also heavy on a GPU and some people find navigation difficult when exploring new environments. 

Other than this, the game gets an A+ from me, since it was a University project! 

We found your secret, David. ;) 

Corpsepile is a bit of a game design genius. Go check out his other games if you liked Run To Nowhere! 

I wasn't going to plug this into the Itch comments, but the 3 Scary Games guy below me forced my hand. First Winter deserves it's own video.

Dan, this game was absolutely amazing. I'll be having a go at Pacific very soon, since I saw you mentioned a while ago that it was the prequel. I'll keep an eye out for more of your games!

This is probably the best door museum simulator I've ever played, or at least in my top 10. Such a good game for the door museum simulator genre!

And Morgan, this was a really clever game. You've a good mind for game design, I hope to see more games from you in the future! 

No joke, I've playtested a heap of games, and this game is better than almost every Steam 2020 release. Less bugs, less early access abuse, more MALK.

Yes, the game was great. we loved it, but the real star of the game was the Teddy bear. We definitely felt the love that went into this game! 

Guys, this game deserves its own video. Let's stop with 3 scary games, eh? 

I lowkey played this for hours and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

I can garuantee that my journey was different to everyone else's. Prove me wrong. 

No pressure! If we're lucky enough to see a full release, we all want it to be a product of passion. 

Love your game and we'll all follow ;) 

This is definitely a game to keep an eye on, I have high hopes for a full version! 

Although short, it was easily better than the official Bliar Witch game that came out in 2019. 

I gotta say, this game is fantastic. I've never seen graphics quality being used as a progression mechanic to a story, and endless mode had me playing for a couple more hours than I should've! 

I've just spent the last 2 days moving to a smaller place. This game definitely made me feel way better about it, it's not a perfect game but some points were perfectly executed. Corpsetree's on my watchlist now!  

Hi! I loved the concept, I wouldn't know Siren Head without it. Thanks for the creepy creation! 

I LOVED this game. I went in blind and was blown away with how much love went into this project. The atmosphere is killer and the dread never leaves. I hope UndreamedPanic had as much fun making it as I did dying 8 times!