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life got in the way, so no plans for now 😔 thanks for the interest though!

so cooooool!

the sex was great! could use a little more aftercare though...

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LOVE the first pics! The puppet got a really unique face expression and the gameboy camera gave the whole thing a cool vibe, kinda creepy but in a good way if you know what I mean ^^ looking forward to see what will come out of this!

LOVE the art style! ^^

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another little sneak peek at what's being done and the direction of the design . . . here's some hand drawn "cactuses" that will be used in an area of the game:

and here's a character that's related to them in a way . . . tried using graph paper for this character's frames but it ended up showing too much, will probably end up redoing it in normal paper:

I hope I can have a playable version soon so you guys can download it, walk around a little bit and explore the map . . . that's it for now!

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just a sneak peek in what the animation is gonna look like (it's gonna be better than this I promise lol)

i'm planning on describing part of the development here (as this is what the jam is all about) and also as a way to receive feedback and keep anyone interested updated on what's being done, if I end up posting too much please let me know so I can tone it down a little 😳

so cute! 🐰

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as the title says, everything that is going into the game must also exist in the real world, every single asset will be drawn in a notebook and painted, and every single sound will be made using voice recordings.

thinking about doing A LOT of playable characters and a small map, the player only gets to play with one of the several playable characters (which is also unproductive on its own in my opinion), which is defined randomly at the start of the game, unless he resets the game. 

started working slowly on one of the characters:

and also made a draft of a "voice jazz" that i uploaded here if you wanna check it out - RSTRNT jazz

we are a team of two friends and we just started working on this, maybe a little late as we only have ~15 days left. one will focus on the music/coding and the other on the asset creation/story. let's see what we can deliver by the end of it!


Thank you! ^^

Really curious on what engine you used to make this game!