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Make a free resource is very difficult,I bless you make more resource in future, and your future works will be more and more better.

I will continue make my game, and I hope you and me can make a s satisfying piece of work.

I hope to see your works,and I think which will very beautiful.(*^▽^*) 

In china,the free commercial  game resources still very less,most game resources can not find the authorized person. There are very big hidden dangers in commercial game copyright.

I want to make a legal free WuXia game, so I have to find the free commercial  game resources in western site, like 

In chinese site,the font  and audio free commercial resource can be found,but the UI, background,character, cloth, hair resource is very difficult to find.

The last few months I was study and find the resource in chinese and western wibsites, I'll keep trying to make this game.

And I hope to see you more productions in future.Happy Chinese New Year to you as a late blessing!

Thank you for your permission, if I use your characters, I promise that I will credite your profile in my game, Chinesse WuXia or XianXia or XuanHuan resource is very less, I hope you can create more characters, include cloth, hair, face et al.

I hope chinese culture will more and more better in future, and I hope more and more people can see and use your character by my game,though my game is making and when will it be finished that I do not know.

Hello, I am making a Chinese martial arts game in my spare time, but I lack the materials for the costume and hairstyle of the role. When I see your Character Sprite, I feel they are very beautiful. I wonder if I can get your help, please help me make some materials for the costume and hairstyle of the role, thank you.