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first I would like to thank you immensely, this program is excellent and more and more it is improving. Congratulations on the work.

Today I come with some suggestions:

1: Way to turn off the display in specific frames

* In the example, my character gives a blow in which he rotates the body, and at that moment the helmet could not appear.

2: A way to change the image_xscale or invert the sprite in a specific frame.

* To complete the animation's rotation, the helmet would have to appear inverted in the last 3 frames

3:Could have a control-z

4: Frame counter

5: To be able to edit the x, y and angle through a text box
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Hello Gurpreet just bought your plugin is congratulations he is amazing is helping a lot in our game, he is perfect!

Some improvements in the next update would be perfect is to number the x and y axis to know exactly where the dot is on the screen.

Customizable origin would also look great!

Origin: Custom x:100 y:20