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I'm the type of guy who loves world building and story telling , and this is fascinating . I have imagined so much while playing this game .

and it's a freaking bad ending... WHYYYYYYY , TOOK ME 3 HRS


Btw , spoiler....

How can u invite those girls to move with u????? I already get to know their names... just need more steps...

yikes... near future lol

Hell YEA

sometimes , a simple story is enough for people to have tear in their eyes.

heh :3

wat the hell is this game lol... also , i like lemons


it keeps crashing at the radio part in browser... also this game has glitches everywhere , u can even skip the whole part of story if u accidentally hold the "space" button for too long . Anyway , looking forward to new update to fix this cause i like the story

jeez.... this is one of te few horror games that leaves me so questions in my head... so short.... I'm annoyed

"Despite everything , Trixie is still Trixie" My god... it hits me...


This is dark and i may have this period of my life soon when i finish highschool... or not , definitely. The things about human is "learning from mistakes" , will learn from your past in order to improve my future to not at least be in this situation , 13 years have passed since the period i think? and u probably... ok... for now , well , keep alive , the people i hate most is the people who gives up their life easily , i freaking hate them , i have sworn that i will never have suicide till the day i truly die by other causes... World gives u a life for many reasons and u can't just throw away it like that.... I know , Life is a b*tch , Society is an a**hole but listen , if u lose Life and Society rn , u are a freaking coward , so... be alive , be a survivor , be a face for others know so that they can survive from this also...

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good game , gg 


simple but good lol , i really want a night like this when walking back home

this is so rare... my god , this is the story and the flow that i want , really love how the narrative is in this story... I'm in love with this~

Love the ending lol , i also want to see the whole life story of our racoon , really like his personality lol

i swear... i need to find another way to escape... cause i love her personality....

From Aria's story with love and high expectation~~~

nice nice