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Some kind of currency system that goes up when you kill an enemy and down when you use the random box would be pretty cool.

If the waves were in place, this would be a fun game in any case, lots of potential

The kill plane is pretty far down, which leads to the game taking too long to restart.

Thanks, we're glad you like it! We had a blast making this game come alive.

- Jay

Very pretty. Bullets don't fire when overlapping bushes, perhaps the sprites are on the same layer? Fell through the ground after going left. Didn't die. Unsure if there was a box of randomness.

Love the art. The assets can be used for many interesting things in the future I'm sure, good luck on your next projects.

There was a strange bug as I walked up some of the ramps where the camera turned. it made it a little disorienting to play. Death was definitely inevitable. The premise of more and more death balls showing up and randomly colliding was interesting.

Good job!

The long dialogue at the start with no ability to skip made it tough to do multiple runs of the game. The explosion noise was too loud, so mixing needs some work.

as for the gameplay, the movement speed felt very slow and clunky.

Very cute art style and silly, charming dialogue. Good work.

Unsure where the box of randomness was implemented, and the unrest slider didn't actually increase as I collected taxes, so I wound up being sentenced to death, and wasn't sure why. 

Very cool premise. 

Thanks for sharing, and great job on finishing your first game jam!

Pretty challenging,  not sure what the boxes of randomness do. Definitely a good first draft for a game, it could be expanded further

Thanks for sharing!


This was fun. Music is pretty nice. I got beaten up by all sorts of temptations, but that is the point of the game.

Thanks for sharing!


Thanks so much! We'll check out your game next!

It wasn't immediately clear it was possible to jump on your dead clones, which made passing the volcano impossible to find out, without getting lucky and accidentally stepping on your dead body. One thing that would help the gameplay would be the ability to run and jump and the same time.

The graphics themselves were very cute, and the idea was trippy and cool.

The box broke when the slime was talked to after interacting with the box. It was impossible to input the code the slime said. Cool premise for sure.

The boxes didn't seem to speed up and the game didn't seem to get any harder, which didn't make death feel inevitable. It was fun, it would be even better with some music, sound effects and difficulty changes.

thanks for sharing!

It was not very clear that you could place more than one sacrifice onto the altar. For a suggestion, you could change the sound trigger when you get a right answer or a wrong answer.

The idea is solid, and interesting, work on it some more if you'd like, riddle games need more love.

Alright, enjoy! Yeah, it could definitely be overpowered to drag the bomb to the zombies, but I'm sure death would be inevitable either way haha

Well, the treasure chest is awarded by killing reapers without getting hit by them, rather than by staying alive longer, which doesn't match the description.

It's a fun game in general though, definitely was challenging. I liked the old man sounds in particular

Please also play and rate our game! Thank you!

I had a lot of fun killing myself with random objects. The music was very cool too.

The only confusion I had was with the box, I initially tried left clicking it because the sprite doesn't have a red right click button.

Please also play and rate our game! Thank you!

I like the story and the idea of running away with a crowd, but without being able to see far enough ahead it was really difficult for me to play the game. I'd love to see you polish the game some more.

Please also play and rate our game! Thank you!

well, despite having a rough start getting uploaded, this was a very moving, beautiful and inspiring game. thank you for bringing me hope. 

Please also play and rate our game! Thank you!

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The zombies are too fast, and the bombs are too slow. If we could pick the bombs back up after dropping them, it might be better, but in its current iteration, death is a bit too inevitable. Fun idea, for sure, and I love the music and spooky voices.

Please also play and rate our game! Thank you!

Had some issues clicking the buttons, so I can't really say if the game loop works well...

Please also play and rate our game! Thank you!

I liked this game, it executed every requirement of the prompt and has a beautiful art style. The music was cute as well. well done, for sure. I felt bad killing the main character because they were likable.

Please also play and rate our game! Thank you!

Pretty fun game, I like the random .exe boxes you can pick up. I found the wall jumping section in the second level to be a bit too challenging for me, and every time I died by falling, it took longer than I'd expect, but I love the aesthetic for sure.

Please also play and rate our game! Thank you!

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The screen was too big on my browser (firefox)
and when we tried to resize it, it didn't work
had to play with a third of the screen not showing on the browser

regardless, we really loved the game!
The random box animations were very fun, love that mechanic
the slimes were so cute, and it was really fun to see special slimes be made!
could really imagine this in an arcade

Please also play and rate our game! Thank you!

this game is awesome!
super fun, the ending really sold us on the game lol
all that's missing is music, and it would be a pretty full experience

Unfortunately, the download only has a text file in it
the screenshots look good though

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Check out the project site for more info!