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there is a new of Echo that describes the grave on the highway and the van

I found a routine for the VN that helps you get closer and closer to who ever killed Tucker.

Hi DyenWulf 

In Dwayne's route for Day 9 where is the Gorilla's pants I mean wow that's something you don't see everyday

I bet Darius is like Woah he's packin

Hi DyneWulf I loved the Richard route and the new route of the OC marrying Grifter

will there be an Azaghal route?

Also in the mere future will there be a possibility of having an Eric, Roo, Reux, and Glenn Route?

I Already have a feeling what happens to Glenn

Since Jay's muzzle was slashed at I feel that the authorization of the music belongs to Tai 100% since the music producer will hear about this news

oops my bad still Day 19 but Surprising to see if Glenns ass gets whooped by Eric Jay and Roo

But Somehow I got to day 20 cause Day 19 was after the concert and the altercation with Glenn

Hi Xevvy wow I finished day 20 0f Tai's route

Can't wait to see what the Black Claws tour is like along with what will happen to Glenn

#Black Claws Feat. Tai, Lucas, Jay and Adrian