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Rosemary Prower

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Funny Goated Game

Sameee it does the same shit I was hoping i wasn't the only one experiencing this problem

Ngl... i think u should add a nsfw version

i can't find the bats

are u on pc or android?


got any walkthroughs?

Yeahhh we need Android d version of their games

Trojan condom Warning??

is there gonna be a online version?


hey, quick question... if i be a part of you patreon is it possible to get the next episode online without downloading stuff?

damn! that is so fucked up!! i hope they can rot in hell or go to a mental asylum *no offense*

omg, i didn't even know i'm actually sorry!! i would try to help you and your country/place to make it a better and safe place!

is it out now?

thx! for letting me know ^^ is the next episode coming out today?

brug, they said on sunday that was a damn lie >:(

how do i discuss my home with judy??

as in for free? or do you have to purchase it??

oh, just get a bomb recipe from one of the chests outside the place and you'll need some ingredients too

hold up..

thats easy!!

fuck!!! i love this ngl... i hope you make more like this!! i'd support you if you do and if it would be for browser

use chrome it works good there

Wish it had a Webm Playable Mode Though.... :(

This Shit's Fire As Fuck Ngl!

thx man!

true, it does the same damn shit

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Hey, Where Do I Find This Bannister On The Game?


Oh, Sorry

Oh! I See Now Thx!

How Do I Start?!


Hey, When Is The Next Challenger Coming Out?!