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This game is really fun. Alot of funny things happen well you play it. Im sure it has been said before but this game really needs multiplayer. It would make it so fun!

If anyone would like to see my gameplay the video is below.



Wow so where do i start. This game had me both amazed at how pretty the environment was at the start but then it made me go from "Wow this games pretty" to "Wow this is getting scary" I found the game really fun. I am a new youtuber but if anyone would like to watch my experience with the game the link is below.



Ok i had a play of your game. I found it very challenging but also kind of addicting i always wanted to do better a secon time! How ever the car controls seem like your constantly on ice and its super hard. Im not sure if thats intended or not but it just makes the game play really clunky and will end up making alot of people rage just from fighting the games controls rather then ragining from always getting stopped by the cops. Other then that the game was really enjoyable for me. If anyone would like to see my video it will be below!



Yeah np. Im going to play it ASAP. Thanks for fixing the link. Ill post back here with my video link after im done!

Super fun puzzle game. I just wish there was more levels in it! I am a new youtuber and i took a look at the game. I found the game really enjoyable and it was very relaxing to play!

Just so you know you did not upload the windows build correctly. You need to upload the Unity data folder that compiles with the exe otherwise no one can run your game. the folder should be something like "Evasion_Data"

I was going to play your game for my next youtube video.

Hey all my name is Yiemorx and i recently started up a youtube channel. I made a video of streets of rogue an gave the game a test drive. I must say this game is amazing. Its really fun and reminds me alot of DarkRP for garrys mod but a 2D version. The amount of objects you can interact with and everything you can do in this game is very impressive. Keep it up devs!

Yeah man no problem. I love this game and i will be keeping an eye out on any other updates!

No problem hope you enjoy!

Hey all. I am a new youtuber. I found Best Luck on itch this morning and i really liked its art style so i decided to give it a look. If you would like to watch my video playing it feel free to do so(Please watch the video at 720p for some odd reason after youtube finished processing the video its quality was really poor).

To the developers:

I know this is a really early version of the game so im going to give you the cons and pros of its current state.


-The game looks really pretty.

-The puzzles are really interesting and made me want to go on to see how much more interesting the next puzzle would be.

-The music gives the game a really nice feeling as you play it.

-Everything was well put together and made my experience all the more enjoyable


-The player controls need to be a little better. They feel sluggish and slow to respond making it annoying to move around.

-You can not move the camera around making it annoying to view where your going.

-There are currently no hints in the game to tell you how to play. This is understandable since the game is really early in its development so for now this is how you play.

W,A,S,D keys to move your player around, Space bar to interact with things like the doors and holding space bar will allow you to hold objects.

In my opinion the cons are only a minor set back i still found this game extremely enjoyable and i will keep an eye out on this game and play each new update that comes out.



Heya ll my name is Yiemorx i am a new youtuber. I recently put up a new video of Sort The Court.

Sort The Court is a really fun game. I love the 2d art it makes the game feel nice and simple and gives it a kind of addictive feeling. Some funny things happen which make the game want you to play more and more. Anyway ill leave you with this video and hopefully you will enjoy it!

Hey all. Im a new youtuber and i decided to play Ancient Warfare 2 for my second video ever! I have a load of issues getting my recording software to finally work correctly so despite that im pretty happy with this video.

The game itself is very fun. Its very simplistic how ever its physics aspects are very addicting to watch over and over again. If this game had multiplayer it would complete it in so many ways.



Im sorry mate. But the game was even a little choppy for my own system and my PC is custom built i made it 2 years ago but its still pretty powerful. I really don't think your ganna have much luck playing at a decent FPS on a avarage laptop with this game. Not until they optimize it a little more.

Thanks man. I hope you enjoy my videos to come!

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Hey man. Are you using Chrome? If so sometimes chrome decides to take it upon itself to block downloads that are not very popular or are not on a main stream website. You may need to lower or disable google chromes security in the settings area and then in the advances section.

It may also be caused by your Antivirus.

Hey all i am a new youtuber just starting out and i have decided i would play RAFT as my first ever game for my channel. The game for the stage it is currently at is very enjoyable and is very fun and you do get some scary moments when you don't see the shark then next second its right behind you. If anyone would like to watch my youtube video it will be linked below.