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Quite enjoyed this little game, made me giggle 馃ぃ 

I really enjoyed this little horror game! I used the mic feature and it really upped the experience! 

Really quite enjoyed this game!! Scared the living daylights out of me!! X

i cant download this, says it needs a website to download it so i tried that and now its not trusted...why cant i just download it from itc

Really enjoyed this little game! Creepy and quite enjoyable! It was the only game a wanted to complete in my 3 random games 馃槀 well done!!

Found it quite tricky to figure out where to go but i quite enjoyed it 馃槉

Creepy, funny, al round fun little game 馃槀

It's the first game in my vid if you would like to check it out

Fun little scary game!! Quite enjoyed it  馃槉馃憤

Really enjoyed this little experience, got me tingling!!

I uploaded it here if you want to check it out :) 

Thanks a lot for making this and thank you for watching!!

Love how this game looks, if you wanna check it out i made a video! No pressure but a view would be greatly appreciated 馃槉

Quite scary! Haha

Here is my video of it. :)

Really liked this game, got me checking over my shoulder! haha

Here's my video, please check it out.